REVENGE OF THE KIDS - How Kids Play Star Wars (Parody)

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During a normal training session in the woods, three jedi are encountered by a strange opponent. Who will survive this unexpected attack? Why do the jedi in this time period fight without any shirts? Click here to vote for this film on Honors: May 26 #84 - Most Discussed (Today) - Comedy #74 - Top Favorited (Today) - Comedy #81 - Top Rated (Today) - Comedy June 7: #46 - Most Responded (Today) - Comedy #57 - Most Responded (This Week) - Comedy This is the first video that we have produced in two months. It took a month of editing because of all the special effects

Nerf War: 1 Million Subscribers

Today PDK Films brings you Nerf War: 1 Million Subscribers! In this Nerf gun war, PDK Films hits 1 million subscribers and the team celebrates. But then, of course, a Nerf gun battle breaks out between Paul, James, and Chris over a bean bag. Leave us a comment and LIKE to help us reach TWO MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Subscribe to PDK Films for more Nerf videos, and if you like video games then check out my gaming channel, King Kousky! Gaming channel ► Vlog channel ► Buy merch ► Buy Nerf guns and ammo ► Follow me on social media Instagram ► Facebook ► Twitter ► ---------------------------------------------------------------- About PDK Films My name is Paul and I’m the director of PDK Films. I make all kinds of crazy videos with Nerf guns. If you like Nerf guns, Nerf wars, and Nerf first person shooters, then be sure to subscribe to PDK Films! Also be sure to check out my gaming channel, King Kousky, and my vlog channel, Paul Kousky Business inquiries ► Fan mail address: PDK Films 406 9th Avenue Suite 207 San Diego, CA 92101 ----------------------------------------------------------------

Original Darth Vader (Dave Prowse) has a Lightsaber Fight with Christian O'Connell

Absolute Radio's daring Jedi Knight (and Breakfast Show presenter) Christian O'Connell takes on the original Darth Vader (David Prowse) in a Star Wars lightsaber fight. When Christian was 13, he wrote a list of things he wanted to do before he turned 40. One of them was to 'kick in Darth Vader' - and now, the 39-year old Christian O'Connell gets his chance to do just that... The Breakfast Show team are huge Star Wars fans, and this is a fan-made film. Subscribe to our channel at Listen to Absolute Radio at Find us on Facebook And follow us on Twitter Director, editor, special effects: Adrian Hieatt Producers: Mark Lockett, Eloise Carr, Andrew Bailey If you came here by accident, hoping to find the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we can only apologise.

Shave - A Star Wars Lightsaber Battle

A seven-year-old loses his patience and attacks his father with a lightsaber. This is a revised version utilizing footage that does a better job at maintaining Sean's age continuity, as well as removing copyrighted music. I get many questions about how I create the effects. This video has some behind-the-scenes footage: • Lightsaber, force lightning, and other effects created with Adobe After Effects through a mash-up of techniques gleamed or at least inspired by several tutorials out there, especially good ol' Andrew Kramer, but greatly tweaked. • It took us nine months to finally get this done, so yeah, there are many unfortunate continuity errors unrelated to the effects. • I was meticulous in rendering each lightsaber shot one frame at a time. Then I watched Return of the Jedi on Blu-ray and couldn't believe how terrible the sabers looked! THEN I watched some fights from Revenge of the Sith frame-by-frame to get some perspective, and there are times when you can see uncovered sections of the stunt blade from Sam Jackson's lightsaber, because they couldn't take as much time to get it right as some random dad in Ohio? • For those of you who fiddle with this stuff, I used two layers for each lightsaber, the main white core with a slight glow using screen blending mode, then under that, with no core, a glow layer on normal blending mode. I shot in so many bright locations, this achieved the best look. I'm happy with my blending modes, so there. Hundreds and hundreds of hours... I hope someone enjoys it.

Action Movie Kid - Volume 01 As requested, here are all of Action Movie Kid's adventures thus far in one simple video. More volumes to come. Remember to subscribe to always see his latest adventures.



Executive Producer / Director / Creative Designer
Noah Fleder

Eliver Ling

Audio Engineer
Kyle Pham

Creative Designer / Grip
Jonathan Alegria

Creative Designer / Personal Assistant
Marcos Teubert

Joe Sanders

Composer / Music Mixer:
Alec Loshonkohl

Crestec Studios for Studio Rentals

Monica Rodman

Camera Operator
Amanda Yamate

Jedi: Paolo Serafico
jedi: Anthony JR Menendez
Clone Trooper: Christian Ocampo
Sith: Asher Rosen
Sith: Jagger Gennet
Bounty Hunter: Axel Perales
Mom: Chewie Mon


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