The Climb | League of Legends 2018 Season Cinematic Trailer (2018)

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A New Dawn | Cinematic - League of Legends

Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises. Behind The Scenes: Explore more:

New LOL Cinematic Compilation 2017 - All League of Legends Movie Trailer Animation

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LEAGUE OF LEGENDS NEW Cinematic Trailer 2017

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Dota 2 Movie "More Than A Game"

The International, often abbreviated as TI, is an annual tournament organized by Valve. In 2015 Valve increased their number of hosted events, founding the Dota Major Championships which incorporates The International into its structure. The International remains the biggest and most prestigious event on the Major Championship circuit. The first International was held in Cologne, Germany, during the trade show Gamescom, in order to unveil Dota 2 to worldwide audiences. It drew attention due to its staggering $1.6 million USD prize pool (with $1 million for the champion). 16 teams were invited to play for the title. In 2012 The International moved to Seattle, Washington. The prize pool remained at $1.6 million USD. Only 14 teams were invited; two additional slots were awarded to the winners of regional qualifiers. Since 2013, the Dota 2 community has been able to contribute to the prize pool. The total prize of The International 2013 grew to $2.8 million USD. In 2014, the prize pool surpassed $10 million. In 2016, it eclipsed $20 million. In 2017 the prize pool surpassed $24 million, making The International the biggest esports tournament in terms of prize pool. ★ Facebook: ▽ Featured ➞ Submit your Crazy Rampage or Moment: ➞ Dota 2 Best Moments In History Playlist: ➞ Game Movies Playlist: SFM videos by Valve

The Climb | League of Legends

The 2018 season is here. Take the first step and begin your climb. Click below for more info: 2017 and Beyond | Riot Pls Honor in 2018 The 2018 season starts soon

The Climb | League of Legends 2018 Season Cinematic Trailer (2018)

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