Red Dead Redemption 2 | 50 Easter Eggs and Secrets

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Red Dead Redemption 2 - All Endings (Good, Bad, Sad, Secret) RDR2 2018

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Red Dead Redemption 2 – 10 Tiny Details You May Have Missed in Red Dead 2’s Wild West

Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally arrived, and it’s clear Rockstar Games paid an amount enormous attention to the game’s little details that may even be a bit unhealthy. Red Dead Redemption 2 has a plethora Easter Eggs, hidden secrets and subtle references that are certainly worth a look at. So today we’ll be diving into ten tiny details you may have missed in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Over the last 2 weeks I’ve played more Red dead redemption 2 than I’m going to admit and during that time the sheer volume of easter eggs to discover has taken over my life. Here’s 50 references to film , Tv, video games and a few cultural cameos too. If you’re ready lets do this. Everything listed below

1. The assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
2. Nikola Tesla
3. The Prestige – David Bowie
4. Frankenstein
5. AI / Pinocchio
6. Tin Man Wizard of Oz
7. Maverick gambling riverboat scene
8. The Hobbit – House
9. The Hobbit – Barrel Ride
10. Annie Edison Taylor – Niagara Falls
11. Cowboys and Aliens – UFO 1
12. Drunk Love (what’s the film?)
13. O Brother Where Art Thou – Escape
14. O Brother Where Art Thou – K.K.K
15. Jungle Book – Kaa
16. Jungle Book – Mowgli
17. Hermit – King of the Hermits – Monty Python
18. Dracula / Nosferatu
19. The Walking Dead – Plague
20. Nightfolk – Zombies
21. The Ring - Horror
22. John can’t swim
23. Flying Machines
24. Mask from Undead Nightmare
25. Tree Carvings – characters from red dead revolver and red dead redemption
26. Bonnie McFarlane love letter
27. Red Dead Redemption Cover art
28. GTA V character cameos – Trevor
29. GTA V character cameos – Michael
30. Strange Man from Red Dead 1
31. Donkey Woman/ donkey lady Glitch
32. Red Harlow mentioned
33. Jack and Ross meet the same way as they part
34. Blessed are the peacemakers
35. Landon rickets legend
36. Canis Canem Edit – Bully
37. Endless Summer
38. Aiden O malley
39. Rip Van Winkle
40. UFO 2
41. sasquatch bones
42. Bigfoot sighting
43. Bigfoot Cave
44. John Knocks out Arthur
45. Ghost Train
46. Zombie locked away
47. Hippocrocapig
48. Bear in the woods
49. Meteor landing
50. Meteor hits locals
51. Meteor shower
52. Achievement hunter founders cameo


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