Ski Hard Lorsbruck 1978 vs Just Ski - Minimalist PC Skiing Game Double Review

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Who takes the gold in the contest of best indie PC minimalist downhill skiing game for less than £10? Competition is hotter that I expected, as there's actually two indie PC minimalist skiing games released in Q1 2018.

I'm taking a look at Ski Hard: Lorsbruck 1978 and Just Ski. Both are indie games coded by one man. Both are minimal downhill ski games with few controls. Both are actually significantly different!

For balance, I'm comparing both Ski Hard and Just Ski to the Gold Standard indie downhill skiing game developed by one man: Skifree.exe on Windows 3.1, played on my Compaq LTE laptop.

Get your wooly hat on and grab your poles as we head to the slopes and duke it out. Pizza and chips, pizza and chips.

Ski Hard Lorsbruck 1978 is available on Steam:
Just Ski is available on iOS, Android and Steam:


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