LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - All Characters Unlocked

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Superhero GUMMY Vs REAL FOOD Spiderman Vs Supergirl Challenge Ckn Toys

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - Central Park 100% Guide (All Collectibles - Gold Bricks/Tokens/Missions)

A guide for finding all collectibles in the Central Park area in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. This video shows all of the missions, character tokens, vehicle tokens and gold bricks that you can collect in Central Park. Here are the times for each event/collectible: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 100% Walkthrough Playlist: 00:42 to 01:20 - Gold Brick #1 01:47 - Gold Brick #2 (Ant-Man Required) 02:29 to 03:20 - Gold Brick #3 03:29 to 04:10 - Gold Brick #4 04:26 to 04:45 - Vehicle Token #1 - Flower Car 05:03 to 05:20 - Character Token #1 - Kraven the Hunter 05:31 to 05:45 - Gold Brick #5 06:10 to 06:59 - Gold Brick #6 (This was already collected, sorry) 07:03 - Vehicle Token #2 - Stark Jet (Must Beat Level 13) 07:20 to 08:23 - Gold Brick #7 (This was already collected, sorry) 08:43 to 09:40 - Gold Brick #8 10:03 - Character Token #2 - Viper 10:27 to 10:55 - Gold Brick #9 11:10 - Vehicle Token #3 - Fantasticar (Must beat level 9) 11:24 to 12:05 - Character Token #3 - Black Bolt 12:33 to 13:05 - Gold Brick #10 13:17 to 14:02 - Character Token #4 - Ronan The Accuser 14:20 to 16:15 - Gold Brick #11 16:38 to 20:30 - Gold Brick #12 (must complete mission at 14:20 first)

Funny Lego Stop Motion video clips For kids

In this video, kids can find lots of lego figures, heroes and other great things.


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This video show you all characters in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

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