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Anycubic Kossel $200 3D Printer Review

Is the Anycubic Kossel Upgraded Pulley Version 3D Printer the ideal intro printer for you? Here are my thoughts. Buy the Anycubic Kossel Printer : *this printer was sent to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review*

TOP 5: Best Pre-Built Gaming PCs for 2018! ($300-$800)

Check out Bookmark for your next website builder: You looking for 5 great value Pre-Built Gaming PCs? Then check out my TOP 5 Best Pre-Built Gaming PCs for 2018! These 5 budget pre-built gaming pcs ranging from $300,$400, $500, $600,$700, and $800 will have the power to run many hot pc titles such as Fortnite, PUBG, CS:GO, Overwatch, RainBow Six Siege, LOL, ARK, GTA 5, and more! Social Media: INSTAGRAM: DISCORD: TWITTER: Links: #5 Best Pre-Built Gaming PC: ($600) US : UK: - similar CA: EU: #4 Best Pre-Built Gaming PC: ($380/$480) Cheaper model: US : UK: - similar CA: N/A EU: Recommended Model: US: UK: - similar CA: N/A EU: - similar #3 Best Pre-Built Gaming PC: ($690) US : UK: CA: EU: #2 Best Pre-Built Gaming PC: ($730) US : UK: - similar, uses 1050 ti CA: EU: N/A #1 Best Pre-Built Gaming PC: ($790) US : UK: - similar, uses 1060 6GB CA: EU: - different model, but similar

Creality Ender 3 Full Review - Best $200 3D Printer!

Creality Ender 3: This is my review of the new Creality Ender 3 3D printer. It's a $200 pre-assembled kit that arrives with everything you need to get started. The assembly will take 1 hour, but you will be able to start 3d printing right away. My tests showed that the printer was able to print PLA, flexible, nylon and ceramic filament. The printing quality is world class, sometimes it's impossible to actually see the layer lines! The compact size also made it possible to print at a fairly high speed. Overall performance and affordability makes this a printer that I strongly recommend. Flexible filament: Nylon filament: PLA filament: If you want you could support me on Patreon: Simply3D profile for the Ender 3: 3D models used in this video: Plier: Groot: Vase: 3DBenchy boat: Flexible frog: Bike bottle holder: Venus de milo: Rocket: Music: Childhood - Mike Chino Andrew Applepie - Nobody Knows

MASSIVE 3D Printer Comparison - Best 3D Printer 2018

Edit: If you are looking for the most affordable 3D printer the CR-10 for $350 is going to be your best bet: Anycubic I3 Mega: Black Widow: Snapmaker: Anet E10: mGiraffe Makeblock: Anet A8: TEVO Tarantula: TEVO Little Monster Delta: TEVO Tornado: Creality CR-10: Creality CR-10S: Creality CR-10S5: In the video I tried to have a good balance to show some printer between the $500-1000 range, as well as the cheap $200 printers. Here's a quick conclusion of which 3D printer I think you should go for. The Anycubic I3 Mega has been working so well and always produce good results, for less than $400 it's a good deal in my book. However, an even more affordable option would be the Creality CR-10. I calculated my all time usage to around 500h and is by far the 3D printer I use the most. If you want a fun, safe and good performance machine you should pick the mGiraffe from Makeblock. The Creality CR-10S5 with a massive build volume of 500x500x500mm is great if you need to print really large things. I hope you found this helpful, have an awesome day! Coupon codes: All Simplify3D profiles: LET ME KNOW IF THE DOWNLOAD WORKS! Music: Ikson - Last Summer KSMK - Dream

BEST BEGINNER 3D PRINTER? - Anycubic i3 MEGA VS CR-10 - Honest Review

Beginner's perspective review of the Anycubic i3 Mega. Is it the best beginner 3d printer? Find out what you can expect from a beginner's perspective. Is it hard to build, setup, and get printing? I walk you through the good and not so good points. Also show you some experimental print ideas like stereograph projectors and lithopanes. Enjoy the experience I had with the i3 Mega. Buy the Anycubic i3 Mega 3D Printer here : Buy favorite first 3D printer the Creality CR-10 large scale printer here : Links to various filaments to try out below : Wood PLA for the Anycubic or CR-10 1.7mm 1kg Spool here: The latest colors and lowest prices of 3D filament here : Link to the newest 3d printers just coming out here : Make your own Lithopanes using this website : Make your own Stereographic LED projector : STL Files here : Links to some of my hobby favorite radios, batteries, etc below : Radio of choice : TARANIS X7 by FrSky here : Black : White : My favorite economy priced 4S 1300mah battery here : My current favorite 5" racer quad props : Emax AVAN Tri-Props : My drone landing pad of choice here : My Fatshark HD3 Goggles of choice here : Use the code : RC18OFF Economy $50 pair of googles that have two diversity antennas. Great for the price. My favorite micro brushless quadcopter is the Emax Babyhawk : Disclosure : I may be an affiliate of any product shown or tested here on the channel. It may have been free or given to me by a discount. Either way. It is my duty to you the viewer to give an honest, unbiased opinion on an item. I’m pretty straight forward. If something sucks I will let you know. If you choose to purchase a product from a link here I may benefit from a small commission. Or may not if it is a company who just sent it for a one time review. I don’t get paid for making a video. So to those of you who do support the channel I want to say thank you in advance. Please subscribe and I will keep up the great videos for you guys! Drone Camps on Youtube Subscribe for weekly new drones, honest reviews, prototypes, tutorials, and tech gadgets. - Mon - Fri Business Inquires: To get your product reviewed please email: drone camps @ gmail. com Drone Camps RC LIKE us on Facebook FOLLOW on Instagram: Pilots : Sorry we do not provide free phone or email tech support for any drones shown on this Youtube Channel or on the web. Please leave a comment or question below for our community or Justin Davis to answer.

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