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Best Motorcycle Stunts and Police FAIL & WIN Compilation

Motorcycle vs Police FAIL & WIN Compilation, Street Bikers are awesome! SUBSCRIBE MOTO TIME : This video owners instagram accounts ; When Arab’s give you the evil eye ?? ?? @hni_charge??Dont panic ??da camera man on a 450 bih ?? @frankie_2reckless boy u tor yo ass Mousetrapped like shit! Hope the rider is good! Via @brock_davidson Rider @mike_haribo Skills to pay the bills! @Arttustenberg The homie @iangaines went down hard! Hope youre good bro! Hes a killer! @expozzzz what a boss! Good to see this???? By @_the__goon_ Killing the streets?? By @llthebear @ernievigil21Just a desert kid at heart ?? Hope this is Baddazz enough for my followers ???? @ernievigil21 Close calls make the magic. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Go the hardest or don’t go at all HOLY CHIT HOW HIGH DID HE JUST GO ?? ??Share this with someone who would try this?? - @axellhodges ??Definitely has his own Style don't ya think ?? What do you guys think ? @shortdawg_king @wtfbikez When a biker doesnt wave back LOL!

Top 10 Biggest and Best Jumps Ever!!

Awesome people 2017! people doing crazy stunts. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: GOOGLE+:

😬 Безумие на мотоцикле в городе 😈!

Mysportbike Инстаграм - В этом видео показан стант в городе , безбашенная езда на мотоцикле по городу! Стантрайдинг – это весьма популярное направление мотоспорта, экстремальное, зрелищное, символизирующее волю, силу, бесстрашие и великолепное умение чувствовать баланс. Его участники непременно отличаются настоящими качествами победителей, воинов, мужества и смелости, ведь его легко отнести к одним из самых экстремальным направлениям мото движения. Reckless Stunt This video shows stunt that almost Preveli to bad consequences! Stunt riding is a very popular destination motorsports, extreme, spectacular, symbolizing the will, strength, courage and great ability to feel the balance. The participants certainly differ in these qualities, winners, warriors, of bravery and courage, because it is easily considered one of the most extreme areas of motodvizheniya.

Los Angeles Police Chase (April 12, 2017)

CERRITOS, Calif. A road-rage suspect who led police on a wild high-speed chase through Los Angeles County on Wednesday spun out of control in Cerritos and was taken into custody. Officers with the San Gabriel Police Department and California Highway Patrol were in pursuit of the suspect, who was fleeing in a white Nissan Rouge with Colorado license plates. Police later identified the suspect as a Colorado resident, 21-year-old Christian Castrellon. CHP said the suspect was involved in a road rage incident with San Gabriel police at about 11:25 a.m. San Gabriel police said the chase started on the westbound 10 Freeway at Rosemead Boulevard. The suspect, who hit speeds up to 110 mph, led authorities through downtown Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Carson, Wilmington, Bellflower and Cerritos. Police chased the suspect down the 110 Freeway until he exited near West Anaheim Street. The suspect hit speeds hit up to 80 mph on surface streets and was seen hitting several cars and driving on the wrong side of the road. The suspect got back on the 110 Freeway northbound and headed toward downtown Los Angeles again. After taking the 91 Freeway heading eastbound in Carson, the suspect was seen intentionally striking a patrol cruiser. While attempting to make a dangerous maneuver, the suspect's SUV spun out of control and crashed down an embankment in Cerritos. The suspect, who was acting erratically, attempted to flee on foot but was taken into custody shortly after. Authorities said the suspect was a man in his 20s from Montrose, Colorado, and was under the influence of a very potent form of marijuana commonly known as marijuana wax or honey oil. The suspect was booked on multiple charges of assault with a deadly weapon and felony evading, according to officials.

Velozes e furiosos! da vida real !!

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