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Laser League Tips For Beginners

I've been playing Laser League for a couple days now and figured I would make a short video detailing some of the tips that I had to make the start of the game a little easier for ya.

Laser League Official What Is Laser League Trailer

Learn the basics of the future sports game. Watch more trailers here! ------------------------------­---- Follow GameTrailers for more! ------------------------------­—— YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: #gametrailers

Laser League - Snipe Tutorial (Top 30 on leaderboard) Tips/Tricks

What is up guys thanks for watching my tutorial on snipe, I really appreciate it, I put a lot of hard work into the video for you guys and I hope this video helps you become a better and more efficient snipe player. I'm top 30 snipe on the leaderboard as of making this video so you can trust me on this ;) Love, Xodia

What is Laser League?

The Laser League Closed Beta begins December 15 and runs through December 17. Compete in international stadiums to control the pitch and eliminate your rivals by activating powerful laser walls. Assemble your team, combine your classes and dominate the pitch with teamwork, skill and strategy. Claim your place on the podium and in History The rules have changed. Welcome to 2150. Music (and Original Laser League Soundtrack) by Alan Myson / Ital Tek. Just Isn’t Music For more information: Steam: Website: Facebook: Twitter: For behind the scenes details on all of 505's games, head to the official 505 Games Blog: Facebook: Twitter:

Laser League - Thief Mastery Complete Guide (All 5 Ranks) (First Class/All-Rounder Guide)

SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT WHICH CLASS YOU'D LIKE TO SEE NEXT! Time stamps for each Rank/Challenge found below. A simple guide to completing all Mastery Challenges of each Rank as Thief. Showing how to make progress on each unique Challenge (and what doesn't count). Reaching Mastery Rank 2 as all Classes unlocks the "All-Rounder" Trophy/Achievement. Reaching Mastery Rank 5 as any Class for the first time unlocks the "First Class" Trophy/Achievement. Laser League on: Steam - PlayStation 4 - Xbox One - RANK 1 - Participate: 0:22 - Pilfer: 0:42 - Activate: 0:59 - Rank 1 Rewards: 1:18 RANK 2 - Triumph: 1:53 - Hijack: 2:12 - Seize: 2:35 - Rank 2 Rewards: 2:58 RANK 3 - Triumph: 3:33 - Restore: 3:54 - Evade: 4:12 - Rank 3 Rewards: 5:06 RANK 4 - Dominate: 5:44 - Neutralise: 6:26 - Target: 6:58 - Rank 4 Rewards: 7:55 RANK 5 - Dominate: 8:37 - Restore: 9:19 - Seize: 9:36 - Rank 5 Rewards: 9:57 Footage taken from Steam version

Die Open Beta des Multiplayer-Kontaktsport #LaserLeague findet vom 26. - 28. Januar statt.

Hier geht's zur Open Beta bei #Steam:

In der Open Beta stehen drei futuristische internationale Stadien zur Verfügung, den Spielern stehen damit zwölf Karten mit jeweils unterschiedlichen Gameplay-Stilen und sechs Klassen zur Auswahl.
Weitere Informationen über die Open Beta von Laser League gibt es unter:

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