Obscure 2: The Aftermath Full Playthrough

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Obscure 2 (The Aftermath) Game Full Movie Playthrough (Full HD)

This is official full walkthrough of Obscure 2 The Aftermath game. Rate, comment and subscribe. All small keys, safes and weapons are found in this video. Plot Two years after the events of ObsCure, Shannon and Kenny are now enrolled in the nearby Fallcreek University, while Stan is making ends meet as a pizza delivery boy. Stan and Kenny have to take medication to prevent the effects of the plant from infecting their bodies, while Shannon has been able to adapt to the changes.

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This footage was taken directly from my livestream at https://www.twitch.tv/rudyxx

I've been on a quest to see if I can find the ultimate scary game. You can find a link to the full list at http://www.rudyxx.com/videogames/horror/index.shtml or follow along on my twitch tv stream for updates. This list more or less originated from a combination of a ton of "top horror games you need to play" lists. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. I am looking specifically for games that are supposed to be scary as opposed to just general games with a horror theme to them but aren't meant to be scary such as Devil May Cry.

Obscure 2 had a really nice presentation, but sadly it wasn't enough to frighten me in the least. Unless it involved lock picking.

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