AMAZING!! New grille comes on more than just the Hellcat

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Dodge Durango SRT mopar performance exhaust driving

Louder and much deeper to stock and no drone!

HOT NEWS Mazda Miata gets more power, higher redline, telescoping

Our friend over at Road & Track, Bozi Tatarevic, has a keen nose for stuff just like today's Miata news, and he spotted an article by the Japanese car magazine Car Watch that details Mazda's upcoming updates.HOT NEWS Mazda Miata gets more power, higher redline, telescoping wheel Automotive Cars News Car Watch actually got to drive the car, too. There's a lot to go through, but the highlight has to be confirmation of what we told you earlier this year about a significant power bump: The Miata will indeed get an increase of 26 horsepower, from 155 to 181. But the power's not the whole story. Mazda has increased the redline from 6,800 RPM to 7,500. It's not clear at this point where torque and power peaks are in the rev range,HOT NEWS Mazda Miata gets more power, higher redline, telescoping wheel Automotive Cars News or how these changes affect low-speed drivability, but more revs are almost always a good thing and aren't likely to detract from the roadster's fundamental goodness. Car Watch reports that lighter pistons and connecting rods are fitted to help reduce rotational mass in the 2.0-liter inline-four. Some valvetrain changes were needed to support the higher redline, mainly stiffer valvesprings to prevent valve float. Mazda also changed the shape of the valves and optimized the intake ports to breathe better at higher RPM. The inner diameter of the exhaust ports were increased to flow better through a new muffler better tuned to the engine's new operating range. This confirms and gives a little more detail to what we reported earlier based on a leaked document from Mazda Canada. Car Watch also confirms that the revised Miata will get a low-inertia dual-mass flywheel, which should help absorb some vibration, noise and harshness from the higher-revving engine without losing too much of the directness that a single-mass flywheel provides. Mazda usually gets stuff like this right, so while we won't know until we get a chance to drive it whether the DMF feels "right," we're not too worried about it. There's also a telescopic steering wheel, a first in any Miata, which has a range of about 1.1 inches. That doesn't sound like much, but it should help folks with longer legs reach the wheel without having to crank the seat forward. Interestingly, Car Watch reports that the telescoping wheel was opposed by some in the company seeking to save every fraction of an ounce of weight, and to get it through, the company apparently had to change some of the material in the upper steering column from steel to aluminum to satisfy the weight-conscious. Little details like these are fantastic. Incidentally, the little 1.5-liter engine that's available in other parts of the world gets a tweak, as well. Sadly, in Japan, you can't get the 2.0-liter engine in the softtop model, only in the RF. That won't be the case here, where the new 181 hp engine will be the only choice regardless of top, as the 2.0 is right now. We can't wait to test the new, higher-zoot Miata, and will let you know when to expect a first drive as soon as we can.Automotive Cars News,mazda miata, miata, mazda, mazda mx-5, mazda mx-5 miata, mazda mx-5 (automobile model), mazda mx5, mx-5, 2018 mazda miata, turbo miata, mx5, review, cars, boosted miata, miata rf, 2018 mazda mx-5, mazda (automobile company), mazda mx-5 rf, review mazda mx-5, mx-5 miata, nd miata, miata turbo, na miata, miata review, drift, convertible, roadster, mazda miata 2016, mazda miata review, mazda miata problems, review mazda miata, mazda miata mx-5, mazdaspeed 3,miata, mx-5, mx5, mazda, review, mazda miata, mazda mx5, miata review, roadster, race car, na miata, day in the life, mazda mx-5, Autorep

SUPER CHALLENGING Front Bumper Wrap How To Wrap A Front Bumper Dodge Challenger 392

In this video I show you how to tackle a very difficult bumper. When we look at bumpers on a vehicle is isn't only about vents, scoops and grills, but it is also about examining the taper of the bumper from top to bottom. The taper of the bumper can make it extremely challenging to the film wrapped completely around without having too much slack at the top or bottom. Check out our instagram @ckwraps @newconceptautosalon Website Email


Join Ryan ToysReview as we take a look back at our favorite Power Wheels Collections Ride On Cars for Kids Compilations Part 2! We have a huge PowerWheels collections because we love making videos like Superheroes Videos and Giant Egg Videos and it's a family fun bonding moments for the whole family! We collected such Kids Cars as Batmobile, Lightning McQueen, Spiderman, Police Car, Fire Truck, Thomas The tank Engine, Bulldozer, police motorcycle, Paw Patrol, Jake The Pirate, Kids Trax, Avengers Cars, and much more more! Part 1 of Huge Power Wheels Collections for Kids Ride On Compilation

WOW!! 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Automotive Cars News

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is already one of the best track-ready sportscars for sale in America, and for 2019, it gets even better. Ford Performance focused all of its efforts on the standard GT350 — the GT350R carries over unchanged.2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Automotive Cars News,The 2019 model gets updated aero, suspension and a bespoke set of Michelin summer tires. The new rear wing has an optional Gurney flap, helping downforce without adding too much drag. The other aero update is out front. The standard model now gets the grille from the GT350R. It has fewer openings, creating less front-end drag.2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Automotive Cars News, The wing, grille and new wheels are the only visual tells that separate the current car from the 2019 model. Ford says that customers were happy with the current model's appearance. In order to improve corner grip and braking, Ford commissioned a custom set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that have a model-specific tread pattern and compound. They're 295/35-19 section up front and 305/35-19 section in the rear, the same as the current car. The springs and shocks have been revised — 10 percent softer in the rear and 10 percent firmer in the front. The tuning for the Magneride system, ABS and electronic power steering system have also been revised. Ford also gave the GT350 some attention on the comfort front. Power adjustable seats with faux suede inserts are available, along with faux suede inserts on the doors. An optional 12-speaker B&O Play sound system is also available. But even without springing for the added niceties, all GT350s now come standard with the 8-inch SYNC 3 touchscreen infotainment and dual-zone climate control. Also of note are two newly available colors, Velocity Blue and Ford Performance Blue. Unfortunately, Ford's trick digital instrument cluster will not be available. The updated 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 goes on sale in early 2019. Pricing has yet to be announced for the new model and its optional features.Automotive Cars News,shelby gt350, shelby gt500, ford mustang, 2019 ford mustang, ford mustang 2019, shelby gt350 horsepower, shelby gt350 specs, shelby gt350 interior, brand new, best muscle car, muscle car,dt-news, mlive-world, auth-braven1-auth,shelby gt350, shelby gt500, ford mustang, 2019 ford mustang, ford mustang 2019, shelby gt350 horsepower, shelby gt350 specs, shelby gt350 interior, brand new, best muscle car, muscle car,

Last month, Dodge teased the updated 2019 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and its new grille with air intakes. Now we get to see it before its full debut thanks to these spy shots. We can see that the grille is one of the few things that has changed for the 2019 model year. It also appears to have a new hood that has extractor vents farther back than on the current model. We can also see that this new grille is on an SRT 392 Scat Pack model, not the Hellcat teased a month ago. This seems to imply the grille will be applied to all Charger SRT models, or at least offered as an option.

Aside from the grille and the hood, the rest of this new Charger looks like the outgoing version. The bumpers, spoiler, side skirts and lights all seem to be carryover. As such, we're not expecting anything else to change radically under the hood or chassis. There's a possibility one or two engines pick up a few horsepower, but we don't expect much more than that.

If anything else changes to the 2019 Charger, it will probably consist of colors, options and maybe even another trim level. We'll know more about it when it makes its official debut this summer. An updated version of the Challenger will be revealed at the same time.Automotive Cars News,BEAUTY SHOTS, 11-29-17, INTERVIEW RIDE, ROLLERS, INTRO,2019 charger, hellcat, widebody, dodge, srt, driveway demons, durango srt 2018, durango srt delivery, hemi, srt durango 2018, tgcr, ram rebel, rebel trx, 426 hemi, streetspeed717, doug demuro, tj hunt, cleetus mcfarland, cleetusmcfarland, cleetus, lance stewart, casey neistat, 1320 video, mr jww, mighty car mods, superspeedersrob, srt mush, ram hellcat, hellcat charger, charger hellcat, widebody hellcat, dodge charger, widebody hellcat charger, widebody charger, charger widebody,

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