Shin Megami Tensei : Persona 3 FES -42- Suicide Mission

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Wanda Plays Persona 3 Portable Female - 52 - [Chidori's Love]

Mitsuru Kirijo (Empress) Rank 1; Chidori is broken out of the hospital by Strega; Ryoji Mochizuki (Fortune) Rank 6; confronting Chidori at Tartarus; Chidori boss; Chidori's death; Junpei awakens his ultimate Persona, Trismegistos. Persona 3 Portable (c) Atlus, Female protagonist (FeMC) Pink, walkthrough with commentary, models upscaled to 720p. Normal mode. All social links completed 100%. Abridged with grinding cut out. Played on PPSSPP and recorded with Fraps. Enjoy!

Shin Megami Tensei : Persona 3 FES -141- Full Moon Failure

Sun Level 4 Fool Level 6

Shin Megami Tensei : Persona 3 FES -140- Emperor Maxed Out

Strength Level 9 Lover Level 6 Emperor Level 10 Max

Deep breath deep breath - Persona 3

On a sunday morning I touch the sky Next morning I touched your heart Was the start I play my roll when I rip the mic apart Do what I got to do to place a spark I'mma put it down Seeking no crown anymore From the moment I saw you it's all gone It's hard to believe to a pimp like me Used to have seven women every day of the week Play time I put that behind Said I'm sorry I got to go From the side line To the main I am high To the place no human has ever even tried So I got to go go I got to go And all I want is for you to stay Man out of the grave resurrected Now he's connected no concession Just embedded by you I won't deny that I used to play Young days I've done things that I can't even say Time to make up my day God it's so hard to regulate Til I met her yesterday I was the dirt and you're the purifier I'm the gasoline while you're the fire Keeping it on the DL no inquire Which makes me wanna talk like Esquire I don't want no partial I want the entire Buy any jewels from gold to sapphire Cracks some jokes sometimes satire Will be careful not to get you damn tired Making sure that I will take you higher when we have a baby we'll be in triad That's what makes me most inspired I hope the same goes with you baby girl

Persona 3 Fes - The Movies with Koromaru

Yup. During the film festival you can take Koro-chan to the movies. Why is his sad face so darn adorable!? lol Enjoy!

Temperance Level 2
Tower Level 2

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