GARDEN RAILWAY Outdoor Locomotives - Stream - Trains - Norway 2017

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Large/Awesome Lego Train Set. Going through the Garden & House 2016

Link to the Music Video: A Lego Train with a GoPro on it, going through the house and into the garden. TrainGuy's Lego Train Set 2016. There is about 50 meters of Lego track where the train travels throughout the set. With the help of friends setting it up. Link to the Fails video Part 1:

Busy Day at Sutterby - an O Gauge Garden Railway

A Busy Day at Sutterby Junction. Sutterby Junction is a fictitious main line station on an extensive O Gauge main line garden layout, loosely based on a flavour of the ECML in the late 1930's to late 40’s. A scale 2 miles run round the garden enables Pacifics and the like to stretch their legs with scale length trains at scale speeds of up to 90+mph and long goods trains to trundle round to their hearts content. The main track work is now complete, just the branch line to be rebuilt. Whilst there is still a good bit of work to be done around the railway in the form of scenic work, the main line is now fully operational. Comprising mainly of twin track, with up to four and six tracks wide in a number of places for around 50% of the layout, giving excellent operational opportunities. Long approaches to the main station (housed indoors) and multiple roads in the cutting area, allow plenty of scope for complex running. One of the main features of this railway is the emphasis on scenic work, something usually only carried out on indoor railways and is very rarely attempted on garden railways. The scenic side is being constantly improved, to give a little more “real feel” to an outside line. The railway is run quite a bit during the summer months (good weather permitting) and remains in place throughout the year, only the outside buildings being taken in in the winter from around the end of November to beginning of March. There are one or two other items added to give a little more "realism" to the models. The smoke effect at the tunnel exit and, on a few occasions, a lively fire can be seen in the cab of the V2, especially when stood off the end of the platform at Orby Bank.

Pete Watermans October 2017

One of the reasons there hasn't been any updates, is because "Leamington Spa" has been closed to traffic. From early June the team have been busy doing major work on the layout. The massive platforms are now being tiled, and Pete Waterman & the lads have been putting hours and hours work in to it. In fact the work is still on-going. The "Royal" gardens have been re-designed and improved. Pete has let Ted run his Warship, also Ted earlier brought his Jubilee "Australia"....but didn't get chance to run it (engineering work)!! This video hopefully shows the amount of work, skill and effort involved.

Dad's G Scale Trains In Action

A video of all my Dad's G scale trains running in his backyard.

Trains for Children with Blippi | Steam Train Tour

Join Blippi for a Train tour and train ride in an educational video for children. This Blippi trains for children video is great for toddlers and children that love Blippi and Trains. Blippi will show you inside the cab and all the parts of the train. Your child will also love singing the Blippi Train Song in this video. You can watch more Blippi videos at If your child loves trains be sure to subscribe to Blippi at Thanks for watching Trains for Children with Blippi | Steam Train Tour Here is another Blippi train video - Blippi Train Song:

Outdoor Locomotives - Stream - Trains - Norway 2017
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