COD Black Ops ll - Zombies With Ethan! Pt. 1 | Funny Moments

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Black ops 2:Zombies Tranzit Multiplayer Gameplay (part1)

This video starts at round 1 and ends at round 10.The first round starts off like any other one by gettin out the bus depot by buildin the turbin get the first bear by the bench. Leavin the depot to the diner finding the hatch and attach it to the roof to get the knuckles later.Leave the diner to go straight to the town.Blow the door open to the safe. Build pack a punch upgrade b23r and m1911 which upgrade to b32r and mustang and sally from there get jug and stamina which is a must.Then get the bear in the pool hall on the bench. Go town to town til i get to the farm and get the bear in the house were the fridge is and there goes the song which is song by i forgot but will remember later and just killin zombies couple close calls.I was playin with one of my friends and the other two were just randoms.We only saved 1 zombie to so the rest could get jug or whatever.I was trying to build the nav reader but was to caught up in killin its been awhile since ive played.I was mostly at the diner but hit the other towns to.

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Rage Compilation #1

Rage Compilation #1 Original Description: Just a Rage Compilation. I decided to make one from my GTA 5 Elgato HD60 S Test Stream video with Delirious (itsAdvanced D) (Matt) and during the new GTA 5 game mode "Hunting Pack Remix" I got a little mad... #Rage #RageCompilation #RageComp FOLLOW ME? - Twitter: - Instagram: - Mixer: - Twitch (1): - Twitch (2): - Snapchat: Original Recorded Date: August 28, 2018 (8/28/18) Original Edited Date: August 29, 2018 - August 31, 2018 (8/29/18) - (8/31/18) Original Uploaded Date: August 31, 2018 (8/31/18)

COD Black Ops ll - Zombies With Ethan! Pt. 1 | Funny Moments!

Original Description: I play COD BO2 With Ethan on zombies. To be honest, were pretty good at zombies and we decided to see how long we would last and this is the part I recorded from over a year ago. I just wanted to upload it to get it out of the way and to show Ethan and I what we were doing with our lives a year ago.

Friend Featured: Ethan (Goomba Snipe187)


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