Learn Numbers & Colors with Disney Cars and Wooden Racecar Toys

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Learn Shapes with Cars Mcqueen, Monster Truck, Spec Mack Truck, Parking Vehilce

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LOS COLORES - Juguetes de Disney Cars 3 | Puente para los coches de Disney Canciones para niños

LOS COLORES - Juguetes de Disney Cars 3 | Puente para los coches de Disney Canciones para niños

Learn Numbers and Colors with Disney Cars Toys Mack Truck transforms Lightning McQueen diecast toy and his friends into Wooden racer to load a toddler transport carrier vehicle preschool toy. Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, and other colorful cars from Disney's Car movie need to transform to giant sized wood racecars to fit into a car loader, a wooden toy popular for toddler's imaginative play. Mack Truck comes to the rescue and loads each Disney Cars Toy into his trailer, which transforms them to wooden racers! Each racer's color is called out by a kid, then races to the car loaded. Finally, each car is loaded onto the car loader in order of the car's number, which is pointed to, and read by a kid to help toddlers learn numbers. This video is for toddler who are learning colors, numbers, and how to order toys and love Disney Cars Toys! This learning with toys video also features a compilation of Paw Patrol Learn Colors and PJ Masks Toys!

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