The Elder Scrolls & A declining interest in gaming

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LGWI Live! - Daggerfall Linguist 2

51:25 to 56:05 is one of the best moments I've ever had in Daggerfall. - Broadcasted on December 15, 2016. -

Daggerfall Speedrun (Mantella%) in 19m39s

Version 1.07.213 in DOSBox 0.74 at 50k cycles. Mantella% is going from New Game to clicking the Mantella in the final dungeon. Credits aren't called using this route, so it doesn't count as Any%. -- Watch live at

Daggerfall Unity Tutorial and Impressions

Daggerfall Workshop currently has a project in the works to run The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall using the Unity Engine. I'll show you how to get it running, and give a preview of what they're working on with some impressions. Here's a link to the project, where you can also download Daggerfall Unity: ---------------------------------------- Like what we're doing? Facebook group: Twitter: Instagram: Website:

Let's Play ► The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall - Part 1 - Character Generation

Welcome back to the world of Tamriel guys, we have been sent by the personal request of the Emperor to do 2 things, firstly we must free the late King Lysandus from his earthly shackles and secondly find out what happened to a letter he sent many years ago. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is a fantasy open world action role-playing video game developed and published by Bethesda Softworks and released in 1996 for MS-DOS. It is a sequel to The Elder Scrolls: Arena and the second installment in The Elder Scrolls series.

Dungeon Warfare 2 Review - Tower Defence PC-Game

Charming & diverting iteration of a well-worn genre, with a little more under the hood than most of it's kind.

Found a speck of regular time that allows me to edge back into this hobby.

~Thank you~ to those who have remained subscribed during the past 3.5 dormant years.

Gameplay footage is from Daggerfall Unity, which I believe is as yet unplayable except as a graphical demonstration.

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