National Geographic - Armored Vehicles by Alpine Armoring

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10 Most Deadly Armored Vehicles In The World

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Ultimate Show Off Fail Compilation | Worst Show Off Fails And Crashes | 2017

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Atlas 10x30 Safe-Cellar - Luxury Bunker Built Under A Home (Complete Installation Video) - Part 1

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How to Make AMAZING Bullet Resistant Armor for $30

My original hope was for this plate to be able to stop the 9mm hand guns, I would've been happy if it succeeded in just that. But I was blown the heck away at the armor's ability to not get blown the heck away. by any of my shotgun rounds. Next step, 5.56 resistant plates maybe? Music: Intro song is "Angel Whisperer" by Rameses B, building music is "Every Cloud", also by Rameses B. Action music is "Guile Theme" from Street Fighter.

The $445 SCAM at McDonald's- How AAA Breakthrough Towing is Cheating People of Their Cars and Money

in September 2018 I found myself in the middle of a scam being run by the folks at Break Through Towing at the McDonald's in Detroit located at 4235 Woodward Avenue, store #20757. To lodge a complaint with AAA please visit: To lodge a complaint against the McDonald's store please visit: To lodge a complaint against Break Through Towing please visit: The store is working in direct contact with Break Through Towing to allow their customers to be towed without warning, in less than the time frame allotted, when there are ample parking spaces still available for other potential customers. My car was towed on September 5, 2018 without any warning from McDonald's. We went and picked up my rental car 45 minutes later from Break Through Towing and were charged a whopping $445! While picking up our car there was another man there picking up his car complaining about the fact that his car was towed while he was inside eating McDonald's. When Break Through delivered our rental car they did so on the other side of the road facing traffic and told me I HAD to drive the car off of the tow truck. Incredulous at everything that occurred we decided to go back the next day on September 6, 2018 to see what signage existed. We made sure to go through the drive thru so we would be a McDonald's customer so we wouldn't be in violation of their parking rules. We paid for lunch at the drive thru at 12:07pm. We received our food around 12:15pm. We sat in the parking lot and ate our food for a little less than 15 minutes before I got out of the vehicle to record video and take pics with my phone of the signage related to parking at McDonald's. The signage indicates there is a 30 minute time limit before you will be towed by Break Through Towing. While recording this footage (we'd only been there 15 minutes at this point), a tow truck shows up (same driver as the day before) and immediately attempts to tow a car belonging to a lady with a disabled placard and her baby. When the lady comes hurrying out of the McDonald's to see what's happening we inform her that they are trying to tow her car. According to her they were just in there for 10 minutes. When the tow truck driver is unsuccessful in towing her he turns his attention back to us and attempts to tow us, driving recklessly in the parking lot. I had to literally stand behind my truck to not be towed again. There is a man that appears to work for McDonald's who kept coming in and out of the restaurant flagging cars for towing. After the tow truck was unsuccessful in towing the car of the disabled woman and our car, he left due to us recording the entire event. We then went and visited the office of Break Through Towing to ask them questions about their towing policies. They even charge people separate fees for not having their registration and insurance information on their person, even if it's located IN THEIR CAR THAT WAS TOWED. This practice is shameful, it's predatory, and the fact that McDonald's allows their customers to be towed away is disgraceful. Upon checking online Break Through Towing has a horrible reputation and it's appalling that a company like McDonald's would partner with them for this predatory behavior. We thank you for taking the time to watch this video and encourage you to lodge your complaints against the store and the towing company. Thank you for watching. Jason Lanier

National Geographic's Ultimate Factories does a 45 minute special on armoured vehicles by the armouring firm Alpine Armoring. In the video you can see how a normal sedan or SUV is made into a bulletproof car. For more information on Alpine Armoring vehicles:

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