Awesome Halo Wars Strategy

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Effective Use of Spartans

Everyone knows that spartans are powerful anti infantry and vehicle units, but what about three spartans and two warthogs controlling the whole map. This application of the spartan unit simaltainiously cripples your opponent's production and lets you boom on your side of the map allowing you to tech out all of your units.

Lets Scarab Rush!- Exile

How fast can YOU get 2 scrabs out?

Halo 3 Machinima War (TFS Part 7)

Taken from my Machinima Series 'The Forgotten Spartans' Part 7, my favorite epic battles that drove this series to its popularity. This is to celebrate the completion of the series on Halo 3 and to create some fun entertainment for those who wish to be entertained rather than a story based series. With Halo 3 due out on demand soon, it will be nice to see players back on the servers before the next generation begins later this year. To watch this episode in full click here To watch the series from the beginning, click here

Halo Wars: Spartans Vs Elites Scene [HD]

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Halo 3 AI Battle - Sword Elites vs Brute Chieftains

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Guaranteed to work, as long as you meet the requirements (lol). So if you watch the video, it's not really a strategy, more of something I did when I was bored.

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