Best Gun Safe Under $300 – Top Rated for The Money

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Best Large 64 Gun Safe Under $1000 / Cannon Wide Body with Upgrades

This is the Best Large Fireproof Gun Safe for a cheap price. This video is a review of the Cannon Wide Body 64-Gun Safe, this safe is the same size as the Liberty FatBoy for under half the price. We will show you how to upgrade your safe with dehumidifier, outlet kit, and safe lights. Security Features Include: 60-minute fire rating 64-Gun capacity Easy access electronic lock 10 locking bolts Patented TRUlock internal hinges Backed by Cannon's Lifetime Replacement & Brand Promise, giving you hassle-free no-cost repair or replacement after a natural flood, attempted break-in, break-in, or fire, as well as lifetime replacement of parts. Exterior Dimensions: 40 in. W x 24 in. L x 59 in. H Interior Dimensions: 36-7/8 in. W x 18-7/8 in. L x 56-7/8 in. H Buy this safe: Get these safe upgrades here: Gun Safe Lights: Gun Safe Outlet Kit: Gun Safe Dehumidifier Rod: Electronics Lock Light: Cannon Door Organizer: Handgun Hangers: Silica Gel Dehumidifier: Gun Safe Jewelry Drawer: Cannon Safes: Check out these Patriotic & 2nd Amendment T-Shirts: 👕👕 👕👕 PilotPatriot Amazon Store: Join the fight! Join the NRA here and get $10 OFF your membership!: Thanks for watching, Please Like, Share, and Subscribe!

How to Survive a Dog Attack

How to defend a dog attack? What should you do if you're attacked by a dog? Should you run or fight? There is the only one way to survive. You are enjoying your morning run in the park before work, and then suddenly a stray dog runs up to you, looking like it’s ready to attack you. Here are the most helpful recommendations of experts on how to keep yourself safe from dogs or what to do if you get attacked. TIMESTAMPS Who is at risk? 0:35 Avoiding the attack 0:58 Defending yourself 4:04 After the attack 5:19 SUMMARY - Most of the time joggers, cycles, and other fast-moving people get attacked. - Don’t panic. Don’t try to run. Stand still. Don’t make eye contact. Make fists. Distract the dog with another object. Command the dog to «Back away!». - Fight back. Yell for help. Protect your face and neck. - See a doctor. Report the dog. Tell us about your experience with dog attacks in the comment section below and share this video with your friends to keep them safe. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

I Found Money While Cleaning a Trash Pile Underwater in River! (Scuba Diving)

In this video I search a lazy river for lost valuables and I also pick up the trash I see along the way! Subscribe if you're new & help me reach 5,000,000 subscribers on YouTube Want to make your own website? Head to and receive 10% off! I Found a Lost Apple Watch with Help From an Underwater Drone! (Returned to Owner) Found Gun Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (WRBL News Interview) Saving the Lives of 3 children, 2 dogs and a Father at the River! (Police Called) Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called) I Found an iPhone Underwater While Searching for Lost Valuables! (Underwater Finds) I BOUGHT MY BEST FRIEND HIS DREAM JET SKI! (2018 Yamaha GP1800) **Emotional** I Found a JUUL Underwater in the River While Searching for Lost Valuables! (Underwater Finds) Scuba Diving and Fishing Underwater in a Crystal Clear Pond! (Caught a Fish 26ft Deep) Found Crashed DJI Phantom 4 Drone Underwater at Wakeboard Park! (Unbelievable Helping Search & Rescue Teams Locate Two Drowned People in River (Bodies Recovered) Found Drone Underwater in River Lost 4 Years Ago! (Scuba Diving) Found Assault Rifle Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called) Scuba Diving the World's Largest Urban Whitewater Course for Lost GoPros! (Huge Item Found) Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater) Found "Gun" Underwater in River While Scuba Diving for Lost Valuables! (Dangerous Diving Spot) Found Jewelry Underwater in River While Scuba Diving for Lost Valuables! (Unbelievable) Searching for Possible Murder Weapons in a Shallow Urban Canal! (WLTZ News Interview) Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in a Shallow Urban Canal! (Police Called) Found Lost Duffel Bag with Old Xbox Inside While Searching Shallow River for Interesting Finds! Found Ancient MacBook Pro While Searching a Shallow River for Interesting Finds! (Unbelievable) Found Flat Screen TV While Searching Drained River for Interesting Finds! (Does It Still Work??) Scuba Diving the Devil's Den for Lost Valuables! (Found 2 Prehistoric Bones) | DALLMYD Found 10 iPhones, 2 GoPros, Gun and Knives Underwater in River! - Best River Treasure Finds of 2017 Found Countless iPhones, GoPros, Guns, Knives and More Underwater in River! - Best Finds of 2017! Found Crystal Clear Swimming Spot in Florida! (Beware Alligators) Found Lost iPhone 7 in River While Scuba Diving! (w/ Girlfriend) | DALLMYD CHECK OUT MY TOP 10 MOST POPULAR VIDEOS ↓ Playlist: Found 3 GoPros, iPhone, Gun and Knives Underwater in River! - Best River Treasure Finds of 2016 Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called) Found Human Remains Underwater in River! (Police Called) Found Lost iPhone 7 in River While Scuba Diving! (w/ Girlfriend) Found Lost iPhone, Fishing Pole and Swimbaits Underwater in River! (Scuba Diving) Found GoPro Camera Lost 1 Year Ago! (Reviewing the Footage) Found a Working iPhone in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner) FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER & INSTAGRAM ↓ Twitter (Daily Updates): Instagram (Daily Pictures): My PO Box DALLMYD P.O. Box 211 Phenix City, Alabama 36868-0211 Have any questions? Feel free to email me anytime! I'm open to discussing about collaborations, sponsorships, product reviews and more! Email: About DALLMYD: Hello! My name is Jake. I'm an Angler, Freediver, Scuba Diver, Surfer, Spearfisherman, Treasure Hunter & YouTuber w/ 4,000,000+ Subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations in hunt of lost valuables! Music Provided by the Following ProleteR - Faidherbe Square Link: FREI - Moody Link: Flarve - Bounce Link: I Found Money Underwater While Searching Trash Pile for Interesting Finds! (Scuba Diving)

I lost everything in a robbery!!! Now I got a steelwater gun safe to start over

A month ago I found out that I was robbed. I lost my entire coin collection valued over 10 grand and I lost my condor pack, paintball guns, tools, a camera, and so on. It's sad no matter how private I am about what I have of value I was still robbed. I was actually robbed by a family member that waited until I was gone to take everything I owned. The safe shipped FREE and was only $1,800.00 it would have been less but I got the digital key pad. I noticed a lot of the safes the same size where a lot lighter in weight. That told me they made the safes with less steel. This safe is nearly a 1000 pounds. I also looked up the safes I was looking at to see how long it take to break into is. I was going to buy a cannon gun safe but they had it open with a bar in a 1 1/2 minutes.

GUN SAFES "THE TRUTH" weaponseducation

SHOP HERE: Call us Directly At 954-804-4381. I Now Have A Custom Safe Company To Custom Make You The Safe That Is Perfect For You.
You don't need to invest thousands of dollars on fancy gun safes while some affordable ones can provide you the same service. All you have to do is to choose the right product. Here are our picks on the Best Gun Safe Under 300 dollars to help you out.

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