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Fifth Gear Audi RS4 vs BMW M3 CS Part 2

7 Real Transforming Vehicles You Didn't Know Existed

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BMW M4 CS! Is the best M4 worth the Premium?! |- Full Review

The best M4 ever? This is the new M4 CS, or clubsport. A revival of the the name made famous by the CSL batmobile, the M hierarchy now beings with m lites, M cars, competition package cars and this Clubsport. BMW call it a limited production special edition, but it’s also around £90,000… a point we must address! But first let’s talk about - The design outside - Interior design - Standstill revs and exhaust - Full Road Review - Performance - Suspension - Exhaust - Price Stay till the end for the short but sweet outtakes!! I have a little gift for @gul.chewie 🤣 lol! Also discussed is the M3 CS and the new M2 comp pack, as well as comparisons to the C63S and Audi RS5. Up next on on RBR is the Full Review of the AMG GLC63S Coupé!! Subscribe to see it first! Also follow us on Instagram below for daily content! Follow us: Raz “Roken” - Gul “Chewie” - RBR - Credits: Sound effects obtained from Dj Quads - Game Time NBA2k17 Driving disclaimer: Please note all driving shots have been sped up significantly in post production for entertainment purposes. Please drive safely!

Fifth Gear Audi RS4 vs BMW M3 CS Part 1

BMW E92 M3 competition package walk around and interior

Hello YouTube world, this video will be a treat for you E92 M3 fans especially this one in particular because it is the competition package! The car has a mineral white exterior with the fox red interior let me tell you these are the best colors honestly to get in a BMW. I will be doing a walk around as well as show you the interior and show you a few of the features that this car has. This car is not stock by the way. It had an exhaust system along with an e85 tune. Unfortunately my friend no longer has this car. I hope you enjoy and please like and subscribe! 😎

MUNICH, Germany — New M3s were always a calendar highlight, but when the current generation debuted it didn't quite measure up to (admittedly very high) expectations. M has spent the years since 2015 making the M3 sharper. The first try was a Performance Package, then a Competition Package and now, finally, the new M3 CS. It's as if they've spent three years trying to bring the M3 back to where it should have always been, and charging extra for it.

The engineering is formidable, with features such as a magnesium sump, a forged crankshaft, two variable-geometry turbochargers, and a closed-deck crankcase, but it carries it all lightly. All you need to know is that it's high tech and it works enthusiastically, but it's not the CS's highlight. It's the chassis. One of the M3's biggest shortcomings was the lofty feeling of its rear roll center. That's gone.

It's only 66 pounds lighter than the M3 Competition Package, and part of that is the loss of the entire center console cubby to save every available ounce. Sure, there's a carbon-fiber roof, and its CFRP hood is 25 percent lighter than the metal one, but the car still weighs 3,494 pounds. Inside, the center cubby's departure leaves the interior looking a bit disjointed, stranding a lone USB plug behind the handbrake lever. The heavily contoured front seats work brilliantly, with a two-tone leather and Alcantara mix, while there's also a Harman Kardon sound system, Navigation Professional and climate control.

There are aero fiddles, too, with a bigger front splitter that smells like speed-hump bait and a trunklid spoiler that looks suspiciously as if it was swiped off an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. But the biggest leap in sheer speed comes from a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that are progressive and easily manageable, as well as being Super Glue sticky.

There's more. It scores toys such as an active M differential, the adaptive M suspension and a Sports exhaust, all to help with the pieces of road between the braking point of a corner and the next straight bit. Its three-stage dampers work best in Comfort mode on the road or in Sport if the blacktop is super smooth (and almost never in Sport+ mode, which is so comically hard it could crack diamonds). There is a separate adjustment switch for the steering, and it, too, has two good modes (Sport and Sport+) and one you'll want to skip past every time (Comfort).

In sum, the CS is an M3 that likes to play. We smacked it up to its speed limiter on the Autobahn, hurled it around a couple of slalom tracks, ripped around a two-mile track and basically just threw it everywhere. And that's a major difference from even the Competition Package: Not only can you throw it in to corners instead of always caressing it, but the car will like it. No previous version of this M3 is as coherent.

It has exquisite balance, and responds accurately and quickly to steering inputs. Its performance envelope accommodates both gentle and heavy-handed drivers, and gives them similar point-to-point speed, no frights, and lets them gorge on giggles. It ripped to the speed limiter on the Autobahn without a trace of instability, even under heavy braking, and shone with all three adjustable modes in Sport.

On backroads, though, the car was undoubtedly quicker and calmer with the damping in Comfort mode, where it kept the rubber on the road longer, though it felt sharper in Sport. Its ride quality is a bit of a shock, too, and isn't much firmer than a standard 3 Series despite running on forged alloys and 265/35 R19 front and 285/30 R20 rear tires.Automotive Cars News,BMW, M3 CS, BMW M3 CS, M3CS, CS, M3, F80 M3, F80, First Drive, Test Drive, Test, Drive, Driving, Feedback, Impressions, Thoughts, Speed, Acceleration, Track, Race, Racing, Race Track, Dynamic, Autobahn, Motorway, Full Speed, Drag Race, Drag, Burnout, Fast, Flat Out, Interior, Dashboard, Displays, Walkaround, Features, Engine, Noise, Revs, evving, Sound, Specification, Options, New, Newest, Brand New, Shmee, Shmee150,

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