10 Amazing Special Edition Ferrari Cars

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10 MOST Beautiful Hottest CARS Of Dubai's Rich Students !

Top most Beautiful & Expensive CARS in the world.. The top most Attractive , Amazing & Coolest cars which not only attract you but also blow your Mind too !!! So friends , The Countdown is begins…. Don’t forget to Subscribe !! Don’t forget to Thumbs up !! & Comment below your opinions…. & if u Like our work than Don’t forget to share it… # Special Credit to BoldRide : Subscribe this Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/boldride1/featured 1-BMW i8 Credit : BMW Links:- http://www.bmw.com/com/en/newvehicles/i/i8/2014/showroom/index.html http://www.caranddriver.com/bmw/i8 https://www.bmwusa.com/vehicles/bmwi/i8.html 2- Rolls- Royce Dawn Credit:- Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Links:- https://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/en- GB/dawn.html http://www.caranddriver.com/rolls-royce/dawn 3- McLaren P1 credit:- McLaren Automotive Links:- http://cars.mclaren.com/ultimate-series/p1 http://www.caranddriver.com/mclaren/p1 http://www.evo.co.uk/mclaren/p1 4- The Aston Martin Valkyrie credit:- Aston Martin links:- https://www.astonmartin.com/en/live/news/2017/03/06/the-aston- martin- valkyrie-am- rb-001- hypercar-takes- its-name- from-the- gods http://www.astonmartin.com/en/valkyrie http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/9/14871874/aston-martin- valkyrie-photos- geneva-auto- show-2017 5- Lykan HyperSport Credit:- W Motors Links:- http://wmotors.ae/models/lykan_hypersport http://www.wmotors.ae/ http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying- maintenance/a31782/you-can- actually-buy- the-ridiculous- hypercar-from- furious-7/ 6- Bugatti Chiron Credit:- Bugatti Links:- http://www.bugatti.com/chiron/ http://www.caranddriver.com/bugatti/chiron https://www.topgear.com/car-news/big- reads/all-hail- new-bugatti- chiron 7- Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Credit:- Bold Ride Links:- http://www.pininfarina.com/en/sergio/ http://www.caranddriver.com/news/2013-pininfarina- sergio-concept- photos- and-info- news http://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/think-ferraris- exclusive-pininfarina- sergio- invite/ http://www.topspeed.com/cars/ferrari/2015-ferrari- sergio-ar166019.html 8- The Pagani Huayra Credit:- PaganiAutomobili Links:- http://www.pagani.com/ http://www.caranddriver.com/pagani/huayra https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/pagani/huayra http://www.guideautoweb.com/en/specifications/pagani/huayra/base/2016/ 9- Koenigsegg Regera. Credit:- KoenigseggSweden Links:- http://koenigsegg.com/regera/ http://www.caranddriver.com/koenigsegg/regera https://www.topgear.com/car-news/big- reads/world-exclusive- drive- koenigsegg-regera 10- Laferrari Credit:- Ferrari Links:- http://auto.ferrari.com/en_EN/sports-cars- models/car-range/laferrari/ http://www.caranddriver.com/ferrari/laferrari https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/ferrari/laferrari https://www.cartrade.com/ferrari-cars/la- ferrari We Are Promoting some hidden Works From less known People, We Promote Innovation and love For Technology Advancement CONTACT ME ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/top10informationssss/?fref=ts PLEASE DONATE US https://www.paypal.me/Top10info https://www.patreon.com/top10information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music Credit : Lemino Music https://www.youtube.com/user/LEMMiNOMusic Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/user/Top10Memes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOLLOW TOP 10 INFORMATION Facebook Page:- MESSEGE ME https://www.facebook.com/top10informationssss/?fref=ts Google Plus:-https://plus.google.com/+TOP10INFORMATION10 Twitter:-https://twitter.com/TopTenInfor SUBSCRIBE:-https://goo.gl/F6pHMw

Hyperrealistic Ferrari F80 Concept Appears - CAFE SpA Ep 59

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE 'Please RATE this video 1/5-5/5.' New episodes each week! FERRARI F80 Adriano Raeli, automotive designer, recently presented in Italy his interpretation of what a future Ferrari F80 could look like. The F80 will be the successor to the highly desirable LaFerrari. All 499 LaFerrari units were recently sold within a matter of days for $1.39M USD each, to people who already own 5 or more Ferraris. Raeli's Ferrari F80 concept looks hyperrealistic. His gorgeous design began with a simple two-dimensional line drawing. This sketch was inspired by the new LaFerrari, Formula One and the NGAD Concept fighter jet. Following this, Raeli converted his drawing into a 3-D model using a CAD program. Here technical development and surface visualization was possible. Then, a scale model was rendered in traditional Clay and painted. The final result is incredibly realistic. Love to create and develop new ideas and expand on great ones. - Adriano Raeli ADVANCED MATERIALS Ferrari will keep the F80's weight down by using advanced materials. The Italian company's Formula One team, Scuderia Ferrari, helped build the LaFerrari's carbon fiber chassis. According to the factory, they used the same materials and construction techniques as employed in their F1 cars. Many expected that a new carbon fiber material, called forged composite, may be used for the construction of the future F80. PERFORMANCE Raeli predicts the F80 will be blistering fast. He said 0 to 62 mph could be accomplished in only 2.2 seconds and it might have a top speed of 310 mph. This seems unrealistic because the 1987 Ferrari F40 topped out at 201 mph. Now, 27 years later, the LaFerrari can go about 217 mph. It will be interesting to see just how fast the F80 will actually go someday. Source: Photo by Adriano Raeli http://www.adrianoraeli.com CAFE SpA Ferrari and Lamborghini News Visit us at: http://cafespa.com Or... Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fe... FAIR USE NOTICE: Video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available from an official news organization broadcast by Google News. This constitutes a 'fair use' as provided by US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit for research and educational purposes.

Ferrari Zenyatta Concept

Ferrari Zenyatta Concept, the Ferrari hypercar concept designed by Aritra Das Design

NEW Ferrari 488 Pista - First Look

The Ferrari 488 Pista has officially launched at the Geneva Motor Show. Here is a bite-sized roundup of the features on the new 488 Pista - the lighter, more powerful, driver focused version of the Ferrari 488. The Pista is designed to be a more track focused version of the 488 platform with 50% new engine components, a new gear shift strategy in 'Race' mode allowing for 30% faster shift times and a drive train and engine closely related to the 488 GTE race car! ► Subscribe to MrJWW: http://bit.ly/1Q2RWK4 ► Music: www.epidemicsounds.com - Awoken - Purple Dive ►Follow MrJWW: http://MrJWW.com http://instagram.com/MrJWW http://facebook.com/MrJWW http://twitter.com/MrJWW

2019 Lamborghini Terzo Millennio - Self-Healing!!

Lamborghini Unveils a Self-Healing, Electric Supercar The Terzo Millennio concept is what can happen when MIT gets in the car game. The next generation of Lamborghinis could act as their own super-powered batteries and be able to repair themselves. Automobili Lamborghini Spa unveiled its Terzo Millennio (“third millennium”) concept car at the EmTech conference in Cambridge, Mass., on Monday. The car is the product of the first 12 months of a three-year partnership between the automaker and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. True to Lamborghini tradition, the car has a lean, windswept design and the brand’s trademark Y taillights. The windshield seems to extend from the top of the car almost to the driver’s toes, and the body crouches so low it almost looks like an outgrowth of the road. But the most remarkable aspects of the car are invisible—not least because they don’t exist yet. Lamborghini plans to develop supercapacitors that can provide the fast, intense energy needed to power a supercar—and could allow for all-electric models. The lithium-ion batteries in today’s electric cars release energy more slowly and run down over repeated charges because they depend on chemical reactions. While supercapacitors store energy physically and don’t generate the heat of lithium-ions, as of yet they don’t offer as much power. The technology is currently used in hybrid vehicles for such limited functions as getting stopped engines going again. “A lot of the innovation that came and made its way into consumer cars started with things like Formula 1 and supercars,” says Mircea Dinca, an associate professor of chemistry at MIT, whose lab is one of two working with the car maker. “I think that if Lamborghini—and we—deliver on this promise, it will be really cool for the future of all transportation.” Lamborghini also intends to make the supercapacitors out of carbon-fiber panels that can be used to form the body of the car, so the Terzo Millennio draws energy from its own body. In other words: The car itself is the battery. Moreover, the concept promises a car that will be able to continuously monitor the condition of its own structure, detecting wear and damage. Micro-channels containing “healing chemistries” in the carbon-fiber body will automatically repair small cracks that would otherwise spread. To top—or, more accurately, bottom—it all off, the company will develop in-wheel electric motors, which would eliminate the need for a single large engine. “Collaborating with MIT for our R&D department is an exceptional opportunity to do what Lamborghini has always been very good at—rewriting the rules on super sports cars,” says Stefano Domenicali, chairman and chief executive officer of Automobili Lamborghini. Lamborghini got its start in the 1960s in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy, when Ferruccio Lamborghini, a tractor maker who had become a wealthy industrialist, decided he wanted to top Ferrari. Today it is part of Volkswagen AG, and its cars start at around $200,000. There is neither price guidance nor a timeline on the Terzo Millennio; a production model won’t be available for years, if ever. Still, affordability isn’t a concept we can see Lamborghini exploring. Read More https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-07/lamborghini-terzo-millennio-concept-self-healing-electric-supercar New 2018 "SUBSCRIBE NOW"

10 Amazing Special Edition Ferrari Cars.

Ferrari 488 Spider N-Largo by Novitec Rosso
Ferrari GTC4Lusso T by Novitec Rosso
Ferrari Sergio
Ferrari 16M Scuderia Spider
Grey Novitec N-Largo S Ferrari F12
Ferrari's 488 Speciale by Misha Design
Ferrari 812 Superfast
Ferrari J50 Limited Edition
Ferrari F60 America
Ferrari Zenyatta concept

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