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The Forest Ep 1!! OUR PLANE CRASHED AGAIN! Be sure to give this video a thumbs up for more "The Forest"! ► Support the stream: (Donations and sponsors will appear on screen!) ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! ► ► BECOME A SPONSOR! ► ► NEW SUPERHERO SKIN IN FORTNITE!! ► ► HE WAS SO SCARED!! ► ► RUN FROM THE KILLER!! ► * Social Media * Follow me on Instagram ► Follow me on Twitter ► Donations are appreciated but are definitely not required!! However, if you do decide to donate, please understand that they are non-refundable.

25 Beginner Tips for The Forest | The Forest Guide

Having played and streamed The Forest a lot lately I decided to put together 25 tips for beginners in a video here. This are for beginners but even if you've played for a while you might find something useful here. If you want to see this base being built don't forget to follow me at Twitch. My Twitch channel can be seen here where I stream this game: You can also subscribe to the channel at Patreon and support the channel...Thanks!!!! Enter a living world and a dark deep breathing forest with unpredictable weather patterns, plants that you can harvest which grow and die. Explore the caves and try to survive the night as the Cannibals in the dark encroach on your makeshift camp. Build Fireplaces, shelters and weapons... The Forest Website can be found here: The Forest Twitter can be found here: The FOrest Facebook Page can be found here: My Youtube channel can be seen here - Subscribe to my Youtube Channel Here - Check out my Twitter Here @pitstophead - My Google+ Page is here (you share I'll share!) -

The Forest: Real Review

Hello everyone a welcome back! Today we talk about the journey The Forest has been on, and give it an honest rating at the end! Will The Forest be a worth while addition to the survival genre? twitch- twitter-

How to Build at Sea the CHEAPEST Way Possible | The Forest

This video will show you how to manipulate rock walls to become pillars to use as a custom platform alternative. You can use this method to do HEAPS of other things. Though, always remember that they are VERY WEAK. They can easily be destroyed. I try to release videos daily for The Forest. My focus is give the information you need as quick as possible so you can get back to playing. Subscribe to see these videos daily. I have Twitter and Imgur Twitter: Imgur: I use Imgur to post some of the pictures from my videos, you may find this helpful. I often use for my videos. Check it out, it's amazing. All thumbnails, photo shopping, video editing, and logo were designed/completed by me.

Boss Battle - The Forest - Yolo Letsplay - Part 11

In this episode I attempt to take over the forest in front of my base which is normally surrounded with cannibals. I will destroy all there effigies and place my own as well as traps to keep them away. Wish me luck. This is war!!! This is a yolo letsplay, which means I have given myself one life and one life only to survive for as long as I can. Enjoy! Steam account: marcusgarlick Other accounts "marcusgarlick". Twitter Facebook Twitch Playstation Network WWE Community

The Forest Review - SUMO Games
The Forest reviewed on PC by TJ Hafer.

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