PAYDAY 2 - Joy Trailer (Nintendo Switch 2018)

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The Real Fight of Bruce Lee

Put your like and write your comments, if you liked this video! Instagram: ► Bruce Lee is one of the most famous people in the world of martial arts. He has millions of fans and thousands of imitators worldwide. Bruce Lee is truly an iconic personality, even the modern young people know him thanks for prototypes in video games. But is everything people say about him true? Was Bruce Lee's a superman? Let's find it out. SEE MORE▼ ► Steven Seagal: a Fighter or a Liar ? ► African LION ► Mike Tyson: Farewell Fight #BruceLee #Sport #MMA

Is Nintendo Switch Worth It? | Before You Buy, EVERYTHING You NEED to Know!

Is Nintendo Switch really worth buying? COMPLETE REVIEW of ALL the features & if Switch is worth it! ◢Twitter - ◢Facebook - ◢Subscribe!: ◢Google+ - Check out the games for Nintendo Switch! Super Mario Odyssey, ARMS Switch, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Bomberman R, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Fire Emblem Warriors, 1-2 Switch ...and MANY MORE! The Switch is a "hybrid" console, allowing different modes of play. Its main unit is shaped like a tablet computer which can be used portably as-is, or connected to a television display through a detachable docking station. In addition it can also be used in a tapletop form with its kickstand. Despite these characteristics, Nintendo markets the Switch primarily as a home console rather than as a portable. Its most distinguishable feature are the "Joy-Con" controllers. These are two detachable controllers that can be either attached to a "Grip" to provide a traditional home console gamepad form, attached on either side of the main unit for handheld play, or can be used individually in the hand like Nintendo's Wii Remote. The Joy-Cons are similarly motion-sensitive, and feature NFC for reading Amiibo data. The Switch uses flash ROM cartridges for media, rather than optical discs.

Nintendo Switch : 10 Things you might NOT know - PART 1 (2018)

Hi, this video shows 10 different things about the Nintendo Switch that you may not know. This all works as of January 2018. I have also done a PART 2 video which shows another 12 things. Hopefully between the 2 videos there will be some things that you haven't seen before :-) Many thanks Vince

Evolution Of Nintendo Handhelds 1980 - 2017

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Ryze: Call of Power | Cinematic - League of Legends

Ryze scours Runeterra for fragments of a forgotten past, each step bringing him closer to incredible power—and terrible ruin.

PAYDAY 2 - Joy Trailer (Nintendo Switch 2018)

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