PAYDAY 2 - Joy Trailer (Nintendo Switch 2018)

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PAYDAY 2 Characters Voice Actors

Payday 2 All Characters And Voice Actors cast : Gary Daniels : Hector Eric Etebari : Dallas Togo Igawa : Jiro Ilia Volok : Vlad Bokeem Woodbine : The Elephant Ron Perlman : Rust Sharlto Copley : Jimmy Giancarlo Esposito : The Dentist Lance Reddick : Charon Mira Furlan : The Butcher Dragomir Mrsic : Dragan André Sogliuzzo : Scarface Aoife Duffin : Clover Damion Poitier : Chains Georgia Van Cuylenburg : Sydney Derek Ray : Houston Ronan Summers : Twitch Spike Spencer : Taser Joseph Balderrama : Sangres Pete Gold : Hoxton Glenn Wrage : Bile Alexej Manvelov : Sokol Dave Fouquette : John Wick Josh Lenn : Bodhi / Hoxton Ulf Andersson : Wolf Rhona Cameron : Bonnie Simon Kerr : Dallas Simon Viklund : Bain ►► Subscribe For More : ►► Main Channel : ================================================== Characters And Voice Actors Of Payday 2 Behind The Voice Actors Of Payday 2 Meet The Voice Actors Of Payday 2 -------------------------------------------------- ►►►► MORE ON THE CHANNEL : ►► Recent Uploads Playlist : ►► Characters And Voice Actors : ►► The Many Voices of Voice Actors : ►► Characters voice Comparison : ==================================================

PAYDAY 2 - Upcoming Female Heister: Joy

Joy was announced few days ago, and I wanted to talk about the character a little bit! Support on Patreon: Discord Server: Modworkshop Partner: Join my Steamgroup: Follow me on Twitter: My Twitch:

PAYDAY 2 (PC) - ALL Free, Secret, Crossover & Rare DLC (August 2017) (Part 1?)

Overkill Software recently did a 5 million copy giveaway of PAYDAY 2 on Steam and also removed all DLC from the Steam store front. To get all the DLC, you now have to buy the Ultimate Edition. However, there is a ton of DLC hidden and missing. This video covers all of those pieces of DLC released from launch up until August 2017. I will make a part 2 video if more DLC content like this is released. --------------------------- PAYDAY 2 Community Hub: Dead By Daylight Community Hub: The Solus Project Community Hub: Housewarming Party Key Site (RESTOCKED): Pen Melee Weapon Key Site: Mega Sydney Mask Code (requires minimum $10 donation): Source: Kawaii Dozer Bobblehead Mask: PAYDAY The Heist content: Hotline Miami 1 Content: Hotline Miami 2 Content: Australian Heisters Calling In (free Jacket Character Pack & PAYDAYCON 2015 Mask for Australians): Speedrunners Content: Check these places for COVK (Completely Overkill Pack), Humble Mask Packs, Lootbag Pack, Career Criminal Edition, E3 2015 Masks, PAYDAYCON 2015 and 2016, Alienware Alpha Mauler Melee Weapon and Alienware Alpha Mask Pack giveaways, trades and sales: ------------------------------------------------ Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: SoundCloud: Donations are also appreciated here:

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Payday 2: Nintendo Switch - Release and Character News

There's plenty of publicity for this upcoming payday 2 re-launch on the hugely popular Nintendo Switch but limited information with regards to how much content it will have on launch, despite its 27th February release date. What we do now know is how much it will cost, how multiplayer will work and that there will be a timed exclusive character name 'Joy'. Please check out ModWorkshop:

PAYDAY 2 - Joy Trailer (Nintendo Switch 2018)

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