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HOT NEWS Mazda Miata gets more power, higher redline, telescoping

Our friend over at Road & Track, Bozi Tatarevic, has a keen nose for stuff just like today's Miata news, and he spotted an article by the Japanese car magazine Car Watch that details Mazda's upcoming updates.HOT NEWS Mazda Miata gets more power, higher redline, telescoping wheel Automotive Cars News Car Watch actually got to drive the car, too. There's a lot to go through, but the highlight has to be confirmation of what we told you earlier this year about a significant power bump: The Miata will indeed get an increase of 26 horsepower, from 155 to 181. But the power's not the whole story. Mazda has increased the redline from 6,800 RPM to 7,500. It's not clear at this point where torque and power peaks are in the rev range,HOT NEWS Mazda Miata gets more power, higher redline, telescoping wheel Automotive Cars News or how these changes affect low-speed drivability, but more revs are almost always a good thing and aren't likely to detract from the roadster's fundamental goodness. Car Watch reports that lighter pistons and connecting rods are fitted to help reduce rotational mass in the 2.0-liter inline-four. Some valvetrain changes were needed to support the higher redline, mainly stiffer valvesprings to prevent valve float. Mazda also changed the shape of the valves and optimized the intake ports to breathe better at higher RPM. The inner diameter of the exhaust ports were increased to flow better through a new muffler better tuned to the engine's new operating range. This confirms and gives a little more detail to what we reported earlier based on a leaked document from Mazda Canada. Car Watch also confirms that the revised Miata will get a low-inertia dual-mass flywheel, which should help absorb some vibration, noise and harshness from the higher-revving engine without losing too much of the directness that a single-mass flywheel provides. Mazda usually gets stuff like this right, so while we won't know until we get a chance to drive it whether the DMF feels "right," we're not too worried about it. There's also a telescopic steering wheel, a first in any Miata, which has a range of about 1.1 inches. That doesn't sound like much, but it should help folks with longer legs reach the wheel without having to crank the seat forward. Interestingly, Car Watch reports that the telescoping wheel was opposed by some in the company seeking to save every fraction of an ounce of weight, and to get it through, the company apparently had to change some of the material in the upper steering column from steel to aluminum to satisfy the weight-conscious. Little details like these are fantastic. Incidentally, the little 1.5-liter engine that's available in other parts of the world gets a tweak, as well. Sadly, in Japan, you can't get the 2.0-liter engine in the softtop model, only in the RF. That won't be the case here, where the new 181 hp engine will be the only choice regardless of top, as the 2.0 is right now. We can't wait to test the new, higher-zoot Miata, and will let you know when to expect a first drive as soon as we can.Automotive Cars News,mazda miata, miata, mazda, mazda mx-5, mazda mx-5 miata, mazda mx-5 (automobile model), mazda mx5, mx-5, 2018 mazda miata, turbo miata, mx5, review, cars, boosted miata, miata rf, 2018 mazda mx-5, mazda (automobile company), mazda mx-5 rf, review mazda mx-5, mx-5 miata, nd miata, miata turbo, na miata, miata review, drift, convertible, roadster, mazda miata 2016, mazda miata review, mazda miata problems, review mazda miata, mazda miata mx-5, mazdaspeed 3,miata, mx-5, mx5, mazda, review, mazda miata, mazda mx5, miata review, roadster, race car, na miata, day in the life, mazda mx-5, Autorep

Jaguar XF Fob Battery Low

Some folks online have suggested the red "battery" warning in the info display represents a problem with the key fob battery. This video illustrates that this is nonsense, showing the actual generated error for low fob battery.

AMAZING!! 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake Quick Spin Review Automotive

The 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake is a wagon, and as such, one must praise its existence. We need more of them. It looks sensational in all its long-roofed glory, especially in Firenze Red and the gloss black exterior trim package — yowza. Plus, its cargo area is deep, wide and generally voluminous. It would be nice if Jaguar included a roll-up net partition for dogs or to prevent high-mounted cargo from flying forward (as Audi does in the Allroad), but nevertheless, the XF Sportbrake should be more functional than many crossover SUVs. It should certainly be more enjoyable to drive, as the XF delivers with Jag's usual steering excellence and body control. While other midsize luxury sedans have drifted away from the sporting realm (cough, BMW 5 Series), the XF maintains its engagement with the driver. As we discovered when driven back-to-back with the Volvo V90, it's one of the sportiest of sport wagons. It's definitely the sportiest of Sportbrakes. However, it's the "XF" bit that disappoints. The original XF was really something when it debuted, featuring seductively sleek styling in a segment of serious German sedans. The distinctive cabin put on a show with rotating air vents and a rotary shifter that rose into your hand upon pressing the start button. The fact that the XF was different inside and outside from its fellow Jaguars also differed from the Russian nesting doll design approach of its competitors. The original wasn't without flaws, but it was special.Automotive Cars News,2018 Jaguar XF S Sportbrake, Jaguar, xf, jag, sport, V6 supercharged, test, tested, review, drive, driven, station wagon, all new, reviewed, TFLcar, the fast lane car,Jaguar XF Sportbrake, Jaguar XF, car reviews, touch pro, collision avoidance,

HOT NEWS 2019 718 Porsche Boxster Spyder spied with the roof down

Now that we're entering summer, the weather has become ideal for convertible driving,HOT NEWS 2019 718 Porsche Boxster Spyder spied with the roof down Automotive Cars News,and Porsche testers seem to agree. A 2019 718 Boxster Spyder was spotted testing with its complex — but lightweight — soft top lowered. While the new pictures don't offer any major revelations about the car, there are a few details to behold in addition to its sleek silhouette. We do get a better look at the forward part of the engine cover.HOT NEWS 2019 718 Porsche Boxster Spyder spied with the roof down Automotive Cars News It looks very much like the last version, with humps that rise nearly to the height of the plastic hoops behind the seats. Between the seats are a tiny little wind blocker, and there's a short panel that spans between the humps to house the third brake light. Also like the old model, the black plastic areas where the top clamps down appear to have "Spyder" badging, but the badges are covered by black tape. As with previously seen Spyder prototypes, this 718 has the new black taillights with slim LEDs inside. It also has a GTS front bumper and a rear bumper with a much more aggressive diffuser and separated dual-exhaust tips. Rumor has it that this Spyder will continue to use a naturally aspirated flat-six, rather than a high-output version of the standard 718 Boxster's turbocharged flat-four. This is also supported by the fact the next Cayman GT4 will have a naturally aspirated engine. Exactly which six-cylinder will be used is the question, since it could be an updated version of the old 3.8-liter engine, or it could use a detuned 4.0-liter engine from the 911 GT3.Automotive Cars News,porsche 718 boxster, porsche, porsche 718, porsche boxster, 718 boxster, boxster, porsche 718 boxster s, porsche 718 boxster review, boxster s, porsche boxster review, porsche boxster 718, autonews, supercars,Spy Photos, Porsche, Convertible, Performance, 718 boxster spyder, porsche 718 boxster, porsche boxster spyder, Create alerts for any tag aboveSubscribe,

HOT NEWS 2019 BMW X5 completely redesigned with better looks, luxury, technology Automotive Cars

The day after we drove the 2019 BMW X7 for a road test around South Carolina, BMW bused us to a garage at its South Carolina factory to preview the 2019 X5. The X5 trailed the Mercedes-Benz M-Class to market by a year, but broke open the segment by being the first luxury crossover to deliver a premium-car-like experience. As the X5 prepares for its 20th anniversary next year, it has sold more than 2 million units worldwide (when including its X6 sibling), and it sells better in the U.S. now than it ever has. Nevertheless, BMW wants its first "Sports Activity Vehicle" to reclaim the top spot from the only real competition it has ever had — the Mercedes GLE, which has outsold the X5 for the past two years. The third-generation 2014 X5 was a holdover, built on a reworked chassis from the second-generation X5 introduced in 2007, considered an "update" rather than an entirely new model. The fourth-gen 2019 X5 starts from scratch. Although it rides on the SUV version of BMW's Cluster Architecture — same as the X3 and the X7 — BMW used the gee-whiz multi-material structure to reduce weight instead of increase proportions. We couldn't get a curb-weight figure, but BMW said the new X5 has the same stiffness as the outgoing vehicle, is about 1.1 inches longer with even smaller changes to height and width, on a wheelbase that's "maybe two or three millimeters more" than the 2018 X5.Automotive Cars News,mlf8581, lf85, New BMW X5, BMW X5, BMW X5 review, 2019 BMW X5, 2019 BMW X5 review, 2019 BMW X5 full review, 2019 BMW X5 interior, 2019 BMW X5 exterior, 2019 BMW X5 0-60, BMW X5 2019, BMW X5 review 2019, 2019 BMW X5 test drive, 2019 BMW X5 in action, 2019 BMW X5 testing, Best bmw suv, Worlds most luxurious bmw, New bmw x5, 2019 BMW X5 Redesigned, 2019 bmw m5 reveal, bmw x5 redesign, all new bmw x5, 2019 bmw x5 redesign, 2019 bmw x5 diesel, 2019 bmw x5 hybrid,bmw x5, bmw x5 2019, bmw x5 interior, luxurious SUV, BMW SUV, all New G05, BMW G05, BMW X5 interior,

There have been rumors about plans to replace the Jaguar XK since before the gentleman's coupe ended production in 2014. Depending on which rumor you read, a reborn XK could remain compact and offer a 3.0-liter turbodiesel,HOT NEWS Jaguar laying groundwork for a reborn XK Automotive Cars News grow a bit and move upmarket to challenge the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, or grow even more and challenge the Bentley Continental GT as "an elegant four-seater coupe." About the only three consistent details have been that the new XK would ride on a reworked F-Type platform, that the XK would become Jaguar's new flagship, and brand design director Ian Callum providing all the quotes about a potential resurrection.

Now Hanno Kirner, the head of product strategy at Jaguar Land Rover, has added quotes that could portend the return of the big two-door cat. Kirner told Autocar that Jaguar "will continue to invest in sports cars," and that "I use the plural quite deliberately." That is, the F-Type won't be left to carry the sports car mantle by itself.HOT NEWS Jaguar laying groundwork for a reborn XK Automotive Cars News Questions remain about the definition of the term "sports car," and whether that really means a return of the XK. Kirner suggested it's possible that a future offering could be "a body variant" of the F-Type.

Callum's been fighting for the XK's return ever since Jaguar made the decision to kill it. The designer said the two-seat F-Type wasn't intended to kill the bigger 2+2, and at one point his team had already finished design work on the third-generation XK. However, the F-Type sold so well that the company marketers decided the automaker didn't need both cars.

A number of things needs to happen before any XK gets the green light, though. The next-gen F-Type is in the works and could come as soon as next year, and Jaguar will want to make sure the two-seater continues its run of steady sales. The XK spirit lives on in the current F-Type, since the F-Type sits on a reworked version of the XK's aluminum architecture, and the second-generation F-Type will evolve that aluminum platform again. It's said that the platform could morph back into a 2+2 without undue hassle, but any new XK wouldn't likely arrive before 2021 even if approved. Callum remains on the case, saying in October 2017, "I want a two-seater [the F-Type] and a 2+2. We're working on something now."Automotive Cars News,Automotive, ''cars'',, new car, Automobile Classics, SuperCarTube, CAR TV, jaguar,jaguar, 2019, jaguar xj, carwow, mat watson, 4k review, jaguar e-pace, jaguar suv, jaguar review, jaguar suv review, jaguar e-pace review, e-pace review, epace review, car reviews, suv car reviews, jaguar car reviews, jaguar 2018, british car reviews, 2019 jaguar xj, 2019 jaguar xjl, 2019 jaguar xj autobigraphy, 2019 jaguar xj autobiography review, 2019 jaguar xj l review, 2019 jaguar xj interior, 2019 jaguar xj 0-60, new jaguar xj l,

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