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Like what the GT-R was for Nissan, and the Supra was for Toyota, the original NSX was every Honda fanboy's dream car when it was born in Japan in '90 vs 2018 Acura NSX.

FittedUK - Car Show German Automotive Event | Manchester

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6 Smells to be aware of for the Vehicle When driving, be aware of any smells or odors that the vehicle might have. Noticing these can help to prevent issues that might be happening to parts of the vehicle. It can also help to reduce the chance of addition expenses when it has to be fixed. Any type of smell should be noticed. Bring the vehicle in and we can inspect it for you to try to find the source of the smell. This can help to prolong the life of your vehicle. A burning rubber smell If you smell burning rubber, it could mean the belt is slipping. It could also be hoses that are loose and are rubbing against drive pulleys. If the engine is hot, do not reach in to check the issue. It is always recommended to have a professional do this. If you notice a burning carpet smell Another smell to be aware of is a burning carpet smell. This could indicate brake issues are happening. It could also become a safety hazard while driving. Make sure to have the brakes of the vehicle inspected as soon as possible. This is especially true if you notice the smell when under normal driving and braking conditions. By doing so, you can help to reduce the chance of an accident if the brakes go out. Noticing the smell of hot oil If there is an odor of hot oil, this could indicate a leak. The oil could be leaking onto the exhaust system of the vehicle. Make sure to look for any oil spots on the pavement or cement where you park. Also look for any smoke that might be coming from the engine area. If the vehicle is leaking oil, it can cause damage to other parts as well. It can also cost you a significant amount because you will have to replace to oil frequently. If you smell Gasoline If there is a leak with the fuel injector line, there might be a smell of gasoline. This can also be noticed if the fuel tank leaks. If you notice this, make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can. The smell of fuel could result in a fire hazard. Bringing the vehicle in can improve the safety for you and those around you. A rotten egg smell could mean there are issues If you smell an odor like rotten eggs, there is an issue with the vehicle. It could mean that there is a problem with the catalytic converter of the vehicle. It may not be converting the hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide as properly as it should. This can result in a poor running engine. Eventually, the catalytic converter can be overloaded and fail. Be aware of a sweet smell you might notice Smelling something sweet, like the smell of syrup, could mean there is a leak in the vehicle. The leak could be that of engine coolant. This can be related to the cooling system of the vehicle. If you need to check the coolant, make sure to not open it if the cap is hot. There could be pressure from the hot steam.

Stancewars 2016 | Bellevue, WA

Stancewars. You simply cannot be interested in cars and not know about these events. Especially being in Seattle where the event originated and has grown to become easily the biggest stance and style centric event in the entire northwest. This year was pretty special for me. I finally bit the bullet and applied for a media badge. I usually decide not to apply as I wouldn't feel like my work was ready. But with the hard work, time, and money combined with the amazing support of so many people around me I finally felt ready and...I WAS APPROVED! Such an amazing and humbling experience to be in the presence and shoot die by side with some people who I've watched and learned much from their videos for a while. The show was packed and I mean PACKED! They even had to turn people away as the Fire Marshall was becoming concerned about capacity. But the show went on. The Top100 was such a well picked and diverse selection of cars coming anywhere from local areas to Southern California or all the way from Texas! Got to see a lot of familiar faces and got to meet some new ones as well. HUGE THANKS to Mike and Sally, Cynthia, all of the volunteers, and to everyone who made the event happen and made it what it was. Thinking about trying out for Stancewars Houston media. Let me know what you think in the comments! As always if you enjoyed the video please drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to stay up to date on all of my videos as soon as they post. Thank you all for you support!! Songs: mtbrd - Fanfare feat. Flamingosis ATLiens & Felmax - Thank God Hucci - Hitta VIP JAEGER - Velllo Graves - No Sunshine Foxwedding - Try Me

Most Iconic Japanese Cars Of The 80s

Most Iconic Japanese Cars Of The 80s Full videos (credits): 1. AE86: 2. MR2: 3. RX-7 FC: 4. Starion: 5. Honda CRX: 6. Skyline: 7. 300ZX: 8. Celica Supra: None of these videos belong to me. All rights belong to original uploaders. Song: I Am Running with Temporary Success from a Monstrous Vacuum by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:

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More Than Just a Passion - Automotive Cinematography
Drove down to Orlando, FL to see what all the Hype was about at Illicit Stance number 2. Some dope cars showed up and a lot of lady driven cars, the most i've seen at any event. A RHD R35 GTR, RHD 240sx and more!

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