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Turbocharger: Self-Powered Boost I The F1 Power Unit I Honda F1 2016

The modern day world of F1 is all about fuel efficiency. In this episode of our Honda Labs series we look at how the Honda F1 Power Unit powers its own turbocharger by reusing the energy that would have just been lost through the exhaust.


BMW F22 M235i (MANHART MH2 400WB) ・Manhart Performance Wide Body kit ・1221 Wheels 5335 AP3C Apex Finish: Full Polished ・3D Design Carbon Lip Spoiler ・3D Design Rear Diffuser ・Stompin'ark Carbon Front Lip Spoiler ・BC Racing Coil-over ・Brembo GT kit ・Recaro D&P Seats ・Wagner Tuning Inter Cooler ・Supersprint Exhaust Special Thanks to Panorama Craft URL : panoramacraft.com ---------------------------------------- Lager Corporation 〒338-0011 埼玉県さいたま市中央区新中里1-3-3 埼大通りメディカルビル3F Tel :048-827-2222 Fax : 048-827-0880 URL : www.lager.co.jp

亞洲最強大老二556hp/79.0kgm by EPD MOTORSPORTS x CS Racing

最多元專業的車訊網 http://www.carnews.com/ 一手車訊 粉絲專頁 https://www.facebook.com/carnews.tw 改裝車訊 粉絲專頁 https://www.facebook.com/carnews.option 二手車訊 粉絲專頁 https://www.facebook.com/carfun 伴隨著科技的進化,過去BMW旗下車輛對於「一般」與「M Power」有著很清楚的分水嶺,先撇開底盤操控帶來的爽度,光是引擎動力在直線加速時的反應就天差地遠,不過拜缸內直噴及渦輪增壓技術所賜,尤其是N55B30這具引擎本體,如果單純討論「Power」的壓榨,絕對是三天三夜也說不完。

VW Oettinger Body Kit Install

VW Group specialist, Oettinger Sportsystems, has worked directly with Volkswagen to produce new body kits for the Volkswagen Golf performance models. With design enhancements on offer for the Golf GTD, GTI and R, these new kits will enable buyers to make their ride unique directly from the showroom. An all-new exhaust silencer completes the more aggressive look. At the front the Oettinger kit adds a new spoiler and splitter which not only look the part but have been proven to improve airflow under the car in-line with VW’s geek-level aerodynamics on the ‘out the box’ cars. In fact, they’ve been so anal about making the system work that it was heavily tested in a wind tunnel. So it’s not just a fancy frock. Probably the most obvious change at the back of the GTD and GTI is the new stainless steel quad exhaust system. As the R is already well endowed with exhaust pipes, these have just been honed and with all models the 84mm diameter will stand out. It’s not all show and nothing else; as well as the look the sound has been altered with new mufflers to make it ‘more sporty’. We’ll leave that to the ear of the beholder. However on the R at least there is valve control so drivers can switch on the ‘loud’ when it’s required. Between those four pipes now sits a rear diffuser which – as with front end – actually works aerodynamically, rather than being a bolt-on afterthought. At the top of the rear now sits a new roof spoiler which ‘underlines the powerful appearance that the Oettinger body kit brings to the trio of potent Golfs’. That’s according to the blurb – we just think it looks good compared to standard. New side skirts complete the overall look of the car. Here is a time lapse install on a VW Golf. Get More Great Car Videos - Subscribe: https://goo.gl/BSIaFc

Modded 2015 BMW M235i - One Take

The BMW M235i is a performance-oriented version of BMW's entry-level coupe, the 2-series. It took the 235i platform of torque and comfort and turned the engagement knob up a bit, but was still lacking in steering feel. This car has a full exhaust, intercooler, software, coilovers, wheels/tires and an EDC delete, turning it into a very capable canyon or track car making north of 400HP. Follow us! T: @thesmokingtire @zackklapman IG: @thesmokingtire @fakezackklapman Check out our merch! https://teespring.com/stores/thesmokingtire?page=1 Like cars in your ears? Check out our podcast! http://shoutengine.com/TheSmokingTire/

MAX BOSST 1.65BAR 556hp/79.0kgm(賽車汽油)
MAX BOSST 1.1BAR 488hp/62.0kgm(98無鉛汽油+水噴射)

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