UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !

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Most Dangerous Roads In The World

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11 Real Life Freaks

From the amazing conjoined twins Chang and Eng to the incredible three-eyed man these real life circus freaks will shock you. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 6.Chang and Eng Bunker Should this take up two spots on the list or one? Chang and Eng Bunker were born conjoined in 1811 and they are the origin of the term “siamese twins.” They began touring the world as a curiosity act in 1829. Doing well for themselves they eventually settled down on a plantation in North Carolina and married sisters with which they had a total of 21 children. One morning in 1874 Eng woke up to find Cheng had died in his sleep. A doctor was summoned to try to perform an emergency separation to save Eng’s life, but it did not work and Eng also passed away. 5.Prince Randian- The Living Torso The child of British Indian slaves, Prince Randian was born in 1871 without arms or legs. P.T. Barnum discovered him and brought him to the United Stated in 1889 when he began his career performing side shows. He had a remarkable ability to make things work despite his severe handicap. He was able to shave, write and as can be seen in the movie Freaks, roll a cigarette. Randian died of a heart attack shortly after his last performance on December 19,1934. 4.Minnie Woolsey- Koo Koo The Bird Girl Minnie was born with what is believed to be a condition known as bird-headed dwarfism. She spent many years in a Georgia asylum before joining circus shows. Eventually she landed a role in the popular 1932 film Freaks, which propelled her to fame. Her act as Koo Koo The Bird Girl involved her dressed in a feathery costume dancing around animatedly and talking in thrilled gibberish to the audience. Little is known about the later part of Minnie’s life. Some accounts say that she performed into her 80’s and it is also said that she was hit by a car sometime in the 1960’s. 3.Bill Durks- The Man With Three Eyes Bill Durks did not actually have three eyes. Ironically he only had one working eye, he was blind in his right eye and painted his third eye as a part of the show. He was born with a condition that is today known as frontonasal dysplasia. His face failed to come completely together and he had a deep cleft lip, open palate and a split nose. The early part of Bill’s life is fairly depressing, he was not able to go to school and his family was ashamed of him due to his shocking appearance. Luckily, while working in a circus show he ran into Melvin “The Anatomical Wonder” Burkhart, who would go on to become Bill’s close friend and who would look out for his best interests. Bill passed away on May 7, 1975. 2.Grady Stiles Jr.- The Lobster Boy The Stiles family had been afflicted for generations with ectrodactyly or “Lobster Claw Syndrome.” Grady was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1937 and suffered from a severe form of the syndrome. He was recruited by his family to be a part of their act at an early age. He married twice and had four children, two of which were born with ectrodactyly. The clan would sometimes tour together as The Lobster Family. Grady was also a drunk who would abuse his family and one night in 1978 he murdered his oldest daughter's fiance, shooting him with a shotgun. Using his condition to his advantage, Grady was able to avoid imprisonment and actually remarried his first wife. Instantly regretting the decision, his first wife decided to hire an assassin, who murdered Grady on November 29, 1993. 1.Joseph Merrick- The Elephant Man Like so many people with severe visual deformities, a lot of Joseph Merrick’s life is a sad story. Born in Leicester, England on August 5, 1862, Merrick was by all accounts a perfectly healthy toddler until the age of 5, when he began to develop patches of lumpy gray skin. By 17 he was unable to work due to his physical deformities and his father beat him for not making money. Forced out on his own, Merrick eventually decided to take advantage of his appearance and started working as an act in freak shows calling himself “The Elephant Man.” He found success in this arena for a while until his manager abandoned him and robbed him of his savings. By this point Merrick was physically in bad shape and had nowhere to go. He was helped by the London Hospital, which reached out for public funds on his behalf. Enough was donated so that Merrick was able to stay in the hospital and live in comfort until he passed away at the age of 27.

Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth

The world is most certainly divided on whether or not aliens have actually visited earth. It’s undeniable that there are things on earth that are very difficult to explain, and seem almost impossible to have been completed without the help of an external force of some kind. More than 40,000 Americans have insurance against alien abduction and most British, German and Americans believe in an intelligent lifeform of some sort, makes me wonder, what do you believe? Today we look at archaeological and other evidence that could lead us to believe that they have spent some time on earth at one stage or another. Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 8 - Brick by Brick Tiwanacu and Puma Punku is a hugely important archeological site located in western Bolivia in South America. It forms part of a large temple complex that is part of Tiwanacu, and there are achievements on this site that dwarf the work of the Aztecs. Many of the blocks used in construction weigh as much as 400 tons and were moved 50 miles a time. The shape is another factors that leaves people puzzled, as there are no chisel marks on any of the stones, so how did they get their shape? The rocks were then fitted together perfectly and the end result is so strong, that they can withstand earthquakes. In the early 1900’s, Arthur Posnansky traveled to the site and said it was built as a giant clock. Rogue historians are convinced that aliens assisted in building this near flawless site. 7 - Ready for take-off Here’s another prominent figure who’s come out with a strange claim. Kazem Finjan, Iraq's Minister for Transport told journalists that the ancient Sumerian people built a fully functioning space base more than 7,000 years ago! The ancient Sumerian people are part of the oldest civilizations on earth, and that back then they were already heading off into space to make contact with extra-terrestrials. He also stated that they discovered Pluto, thousands of years before it was officially discovered in 1933. During his speech, Finjan stated that the aliens assisted the ancient Sumerian people in building the site using their state-of-the-art technology. Finjan was opening up an airport on that particular site, and he said it was a well-favored spot because weather conditions were always favorable for safe landings and take-offs. 6 - A huge circle of stones For a long time, many people believed Stonehenge could not have been built with human technology from 5 000 years ago, when the first giant rocks were put into place. The rocks, some weighing close to 50 tons, are placed in a perfect circular arrangement and are miles away from any rocks that were in easy access. For these reasons and others, it has been suggested the structure functioned as a landing pad for alien space craft. Now though, scientists believe that it may have been possible for humans of that era to achieve, and that the arrangement represents the solstices and assisted in astronomical observation. 5 - A rumble in the jungle Now to Southern Mexico, where an intriguing sarcophagus lid is proof of alien interaction with humans, according to alien theorists. The image is of Pacal the Great who ruled the Mayan people during the 7th century. It would seem he could well be on a platform in a spacecraft, with hands of controls and an oxygen tube in his month. 4 - Balls of stone Stone balls of sizes ranging from a few inches to several feet in diameter have been discovered in Costa Rica. Once again this had alien theorists in a flutter, but is believed these were made by hands centuries ago. 3 - Let’s have a ball Let’s take a trip to Ball Island, a rock formation that closely resembles a pyramid, out in the middle of the Tasman sea between Australia and New Zealand. Besides housing one of the most peculiar animals on the planet, the giant stick insect, this island has many theorists believing it was placed there by aliens. The pyramid seems too flawless to be made by nature, and it’s even thought that it might have been the home to dragons as it looks like a dragon’s claw. Mystery hunters love frequenting this island, in the hope of finding something that leads them to conclude that this was the work of aliens or home to the dragons. 2 - Stoned The massive stones at Baalbek, near Lebanon are also believed to have acted as a landing site or beacon for alien craft. Some of them weigh an estimated 750 tons, and are one mile from the quarry. Modern engineers admit it would be a huge challenge today, and yes, those are people sitting on it. Any ideas anyone? 1...

Top 10 Bizarre Discoveries Found in Drained Water Bodies

Bodies of water contain lots of terrifying creatures and eerie discoveries. They conceal tonnes of items and creatures well beyond our imagination. Despite how chilling it might sound, these reservoirs, lakes, waterways, and seas still hold some bizarrely interesting finds. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://twitter.com/BeAmazedVideos https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: beamazedvideos@gmail.com Credit: https://pastebin.com/0D192gfQ Be Amazed at these Bizarre Discoveries Made from Drained Water Bodies! Train Trestle and Underwater Forest - These first discoveries were made in LakeTapps in Washington State near Seattle. The train trestle dates back to the turn of the 20th century, and alongside the forest, they were submerged when a dam was built in 1911 and havebeen underwater ever since. Bombay Beach Town - Previously touted as ‘California’s Riviera’, the town of Bombay Beach has been lost under the Salton Sea for more than 40 years. Lost Gold Era Towns and Mineral Deposits. The 19th century was the golden era. The gold rush led to hordes of people relocating to the state of California who later came to form mining settlements. 1000 Lingas - This discovery takes us to the East on the banks of Shalmala River in the Indian state of Karnataka. Fort Moki - After more than 40 years, Lake Powel finally let in on her secrets in 2005 thanks to a 7-year drought. Wedding Rings - This discovery is a £250 ring that was found after 8 million gallons of water were drained from Tidal Marine Lake. Federal Agents Gun and Badge - Back in 2014, California faced one of the worst droughts it has faced in nearly a century. This saw the water levels in many lakes drop to an all-time low. Underwater Creatures - As aforementioned, large water areas contain a great deal of uncanny creatures, and this next discovery goes to support my claim. Canal St. Martin - Construction of the Canal St Martin commenced on the orders of Napoleon to improve the supply of fresh drinking water in the city. Safes and Hand Grenades - Topping our list is this finding of a World War II hand grenade and safes galore found in England and Welsh waterways.

Flight Attendant SECRETS You Probably Don't Know

Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 4 - Be Wary of Water Never drink the tap water offered on a plane, this includes inside that tiny closet lavatory and expands all the way to swallowing the colorful collection of coffees and teas. And here's why. The ports to remove lavatory waste and refill the aircraft with potable water are more often than not only a few inches away from each other. Several flight attendants, on a survey, admitted to filling up water bottles with water from the holding tanks. Also, those holding tanks are usually as old as the plane itself and aren't cleaned very often, if at all. That water in the coffee pot may be swarming with all kinds of bacteria, best to stick with bringing your own bottled water. And if you simply must have coffee in order to survive, you might want to spend the extra bucks inside the airport concourse on Starbucks. 3 - Cash Me Outside Voucher! A sad fact of flying, most airlines not only overbook, but it happens way more often than not. This is done to ensure that they make as much money from each flight as possible. Most people would be shocked at the staggering amount of flyers who happen to miss their flights. Airlines are counting on it. Yet this method doesn't always go according to plan, which results in many passengers getting overbooked and consequently, getting bumped off their preferred, already paid for, flight. If this unlucky traveller happens to be you, know your rights! Your airline will most likely attempt to bribe you with vouchers, which can be exchanged for purchases through that airline. However, the pros will tell you to refuse those bits of paper masquerading as money and instead, go for cold hard cash payouts. If you are involuntarily denied boarding, you are entitled to a cash payment, on the spot. This can net you up to 1,300 dollars, or 400 percent of the value of the one-way fare, depending on the length of your unscheduled delay. 2 - Oxygen Mask Time Limits If you have ever flown before, you're probably familiar with that song and dance the flight attendants will do before take off, you know the one, that boring speech with the strange arm movements about what to do in case of an emergency. Well, maybe next time you should put down your iPhone and actually listen; because those few moments of instructions could very well save your life. Here's a helpful tidbit to help you survive an airborne tragedy, as soon as those oxygen masks descend from their containment cartridges, you only have approximately 15 minutes worth of oxygen located inside those face strapping devices. This should easily be enough time for the pilot to lower the aircraft's altitude, which will restore oxygen levels back to where you can once again breathe easy. However, at altitude, you will only have around 15 to 20 seconds to secure your mask before your body succumbs to lack of oxygen, causing you to pass out or worse. So, when those attendants of flight tell you to put on your mask before helping others, they really mean it. 1 - Think Planes Are Clean? Think Again. While most people fret about that sickly recycled air pumping through the airplane's ventilation vents, relax, the air onboard is constantly filtered, approximately twenty times an hour in fact, through hospital-grade HEPA filters. Now, as for the sterile conditions of every other aspect of the aircraft's interior, anyone afraid of germs, may want to close their eyes for the rest of this segment. Word to those who fly often, watch out for all those nasty contaminated surfaces. Those fold down trays from which travellers often eat their onboard meal, are reported to be the absolutely nastiest and filthiest part of the plane. That's right, be careful about resting your head against this hard plastic, because that innocent looking tray, is probably covered in germs! Take precautions if you want to avoid getting sick, for instance, don't rest any food on that tray without a napkin or two placed beneath! Other surfaces to watch out for include, armrests, seat belts, and buttons in the lavatory. Due to time constraints, many of these areas of the plane are rarely, if ever, properly cleaned. Those pillows and blankets you often bug your flight attendant to bring you, well those probably haven't been cleaned in years. Think folded and reused indefinitely! Be weary, for, in these sordid conditions, even the biggest jar of hand sanitizer in the world won't save you! Though, those of us unafraid of germs for one reason or another, typically make it off the plane alive. Germs for thought.

You won't believe the strange, weird, bizarre and scary things found after a tsunami hits ! From sea monsters; to deep sea buildings.

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These buoys were just common port objects before the Japanese tsunami of 2011, but on American soil they look completely out of place. This yellow pod showed up on the shores of Northwest America, heightening fear that the United State’s West coast couldn’t handle the massive amounts of toxic debris that was set to come into the area. Years later, items from afar are still appearing in parts of Washington, Oregon, and California. The thought of how far away sea traveling objects had to move from just really proves how powerful the Pacific ocean currents are.

4.It’s Both
With it appearing to weigh so much, it’s no wonder that it took the full force of a tsunami to hoist this big ole guy out the water and into human captivity. Researchers believe it to be some type of cross hybrid between a Beluga whale and a shark, but who knew that those two species of animal could even breed? It was probably one of those “shark from the wrong side of the tracks falls in love with the innocent but spontaneous beluga whale” type romances.

3.Look Out For This One
Yikes! We’re going to need a bigger boat to deal with this guy. This huge fish washed ashore on the shores of New York harbor after a miniature tsunami came and wiped out small portions of Brooklyn. The current carried hipsters all the way to Boston, Massachusetts, where their wicker hats and old fashioned bicycles were not socially accepted. This fish is called “The April Fools Day” flounder, because he is completely fake. This picture was actually originally posted on the New York Post as an introduction to another actual real creature that was discovered. Sorry, everyone!

2.One Eyed Susan
This fish appears to be so creepy, that it is probing us to ask you this fun “would you rather” question. Would you rather eat this fish, or have to stare in the eye for three hours straight? Neither option is preferable. We say “eye” instead of “eyes , because apparently, this fish only had one eye. The sheer look of terror in his -eye- was probably caused by the crazy powerful tsunami he had to surf all the way to the shore.

1.Mosque Remains
While many people tend to remember and focus on the 2011 tsunami in Japan, there have been many other horrible tsunamis that have caused much destruction over the years. For example, the Indian Ocean tsunami on December 26, 2004. The town of Meulaboh, located on the West coast of Sumatra, lost forty thousand citizens out of it’s already mid-sized population . A series of seven waves caused by a magnitude 9.1 earthquake caused most of the city to be washed away into the wrath of the sea. The Indonesian province was hit the hardest over any other country affected by the quake. This grayish looking pod almost appears to be an old spaceship from the 1960s, but it actually means so much more to people of Meulaboh. Many people in Indonesia are deeply religious, and have turned to God for answers to try and understand why so much sadness and destruction would come into their lives. Some people blame it on the wrath of God who wanted to send a “wake up call” to a reportedly “sinful city”, and the remaining mosques have been places to regain hope and strength.

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