Hot Wheels Creature cars collections (Bugs theme) Part 2 review

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FINALLY I GOT THIS ONE | Hot Wheels Rise N Climb 2018 HW 50th Race Team REVIEW

Cars Informations: This is what i want, Only Two More Ago, Only Fast Master and Exotique.

THE MOST UNFAIR HOT WHEELS FAMILY | Review Hot Wheels Twin Mill 2018 HW Exotics

why i call unfair? becuase they have generation 3 so make this casting as unfair family, Unlike Splittin Image Family and Whip Creamer Family, they only have 2 generations and Deora Family Generations actually 3 but some ignorant Realism fans says just 2 generations, Night Burner is Deora III for who is really true hot wheels Fantasy Fans, is not opinion is FACT. also the slowest car on Forza Horizon 3, FUCKING DAMMIT, Screw that game. UNFAIR. make that car street Legal, I want ILLEGAL :p , but on forza new games they not put hot wheels again, good the last hot wheels games i assume is Hot Wheels Race Off Android. that's true hot wheels game without licensed vehicle. Hot Wheels Beat That one of the best unlicensed vehicle games and Hot wheels Track attack Nintendo wii also Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing PSP. I will stay with Hot Wheels True Video Games racing. also if Drifter D big fan of deora cars i'm opposite of him I'm Twin Mill Big Fans Twin Mill II I Have many of them. remember as hot wheels fantasy historian i'm more expert than hot wheels real cars historian. don't make me throw La chancla at your face if still not understand :p :p :p :p . (Not Serious) Twin Mill II Review Links: Night Burner is Deora III Fact:

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Hot Wheels Stunt Track Challenge Zotic on Gator Forest

Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing PSP Phastasm at Metropolis 2

For Car Informations here: I watch someone video and wants me play this again. you will see the driver of Phastasm. Next is CUL8R

this car playable at Track Attack :

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