An introduction to Windows Defender Antivirus

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Next Generation Security

Rob Lefferts, Partner Director, Windows & Devices Group, Security & Enterprise, walks through the security features in the Fall Creators Update that will take Windows Defender ATP into completely new territory by adding intelligence based preventive protection, integrated configuration management, and a single pane of glass across the entire Windows Threat protection stack. For the first time our customers will have a holistic endpoint security suite that takes them though the full security lifecycle for Windows 10, Windows Server, and soon for other platforms, all in one place, all in one product.

Sets in Windows 10

This is an early look at a new Windows 10 feature currently in development that we're calling Sets. With Sets what goes together, stays together, making it easier to get back to what you were doing.

What's New in Windows 10, version 1803 for IT Pros

Find out what's new for IT Pros in Windows 10, version 1803, also called the April 2018 Update. Windows 10 deployment is streamlined, Windows Analytics are greatly improved, many new security features are available, and privacy features are enhanced. To learn more go here:

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for Windows 10 in the Creators Update.

With the Creators Update, Microsoft will expand Windows Defender ATP sensors to detect threats that persist only in memory or kernel level exploits. This will enable IT administrators to monitor loaded drivers and in-memory activities, and to detect various patterns of injection, reflective loading, and in-memory modifications indicating potential kernel exploits.

Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge

The threat landscape has changed significantly. 90% of ‘phishing’ attacks use a browser to open and initiate an attack. Microsoft Edge with Windows Defender Application Guard mode enabled on the Edge browser will protect enterprises from advanced attacks that can infiltrate your network and devices via the Internet, creating a safer, worry-free browsing experience for customers. This video describes how the capability works to protect your network from browser-based attacks.

See how Windows Defender AV provides enterprise-level protection and management for your organization.

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