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Ultima Underworld Music (Sound Blaster Pro) - Introduction

Ultima Underworld - The Stygian Abyss by Blue Sky Productions (Including Warren Spector). Better known as the Looking Class Studios. I shouldn't need to even tell or explain anything about this game. It's absolutely, ABSOLUTELY, the best game I've ever played! And I've played pretty many games in my life. Mystical story, solid gameplay, horrifying atmosphere and hundreds of good old gaming memories. By the time this game was released it was graphically leading the industry. The graphics were just plain outstanding. You couldn't say the same of the audio side, but the sounds are still very okay for me and all the songs just hit the mood. Pity that there is no real in-game voice acting, but thinking of it, I prefer it as the way it is. Read more from wikipedia or some of the fan sites. This game is available for download on many old dos game sites. Believe me. This is golden. A true gem. Father of the games of this day. Unslaied RPG masterpiece. Real virtual adventure of your life! You should play it if you haven't before... 1. download dosbox and the game 2. play it. *UPDATE* The original MediaFire download link stopped workin so I uploaded the songs again. Thanks to user "Gidrolo" for pointing this out. Here are your download options: http://uploading.com/files/92m5c56b/UW1%2BOST.rar/ http://www.2shared.com/file/x3D1Co3M/UW1_OST.html http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L18OKP6W http://www.mediafire.com/?mirbmm22k3gye7p There maybe some sound crackles or ambient noise in the background, but what you expect from sound blaster pro or for a dos game in general? TAGS: UW Labyrinth of worlds music theme song tune sound blaster pro adlib roland midi best game ever origin games ea electronic arts engine 3d goblin cover gameplay songs ost official free supreme download link avatar britannia britain slasher of veils ending intro lord screenshot screenshots screens dos pc amiga commodore dosbox

Underworld Ascendant PREVIEW: So spielt sich Ultima Underworld 3

Underworld Ascendant in der Video-Vorschau: Neue Spielszenen zeigen Gameplay mit Tiefgang. Rund 26 Jahre nach dem ersten Ultima Underworld arbeiten einige der Original-Entwickler am dritten Teil. Wir haben uns das ungewöhnliche Rollenspiel angesehen und zeigen im Vorschau-Video neue Spielszenen. ▶ PC Games abonnieren: http://bit.ly/1gR7TSo Mehr von PC Games: ▶ PC Games Webseite: http://www.pcgames.de ▶ PC Games bei Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pcgames.de ▶ PC Games auf Twitter: http://twitter.com/pcg_de ▶ PC Games auf Instagram: http://to.pcgames.de/avJ0t #pcg #pcgames

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#Underworld Ascendant: Von den kreativen Köpfen der beliebten "Ultima Underworld"-Reihe.

Kehre zurück in den Stygian Abyss in Underworld Ascendant, dem Action-Rollenspiel, das auf maximale Spielermöglichkeiten in einem atemberaubenden Fantasy-Reich voller Gefahren und Intrigen ausgelegt ist.


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