VLOG Check Prices of Hot Wheels on indonesia online shop Bukalapak (NOT BUY)

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LIVE: Wild Animals Ultimate Fights 2018! Amazing Monkey Rescue Baby Monkey From Snake Hunting

Hunting Hot Wheels Ke Kota Bandung (Bayu Klasik #24)


Kali ini saya bakal share video hunting di Indomaret dan Alfamart di daerah yang mungkin jarang dijamah orang. Iseng-iseng berhadiah. Di Pemalang Selatan (Bantarbolang, Randudongkal). Sepanjang jalan ada sekitar 14 tempat yang saya sambangi (Indomaret, Alfamart) Dan... BOOOM!! Ternyata benar, di daerah pelosok seperti ini Hot Wheels masih belum banyak yang menjamah. Terbukti, banyak sekali HOT ITEM, baik Hot Wheels maupun Majorette. Hot Wheels Case/Lot H 2017 banyak bertebaran. Hot Itemnya, seperti Lamborghini Veneno, Datsun 620 Pick Up, Custom Datsun 240 Z FuguZ, Morris Mini, Porsche 934.5, Bahkan ada Honda Odyssey NGK. Untuk Majorette yang banyak diincer kolektor juga banyak di sepanjang Bantarbolang-Randudongkal, seperti Jeep Wrangler Rubicon dan Volkswagen T6. Untuk racun baru dari Mattel, Mini Racer CARS 3 juga ada banyak. Untuk lebih jelasnya, langsung saja simal video sampai akhir. ----- If you want to donate as a support to this channel, the link: Omers ada yang mau donasi untuk mendukung channel ini? Link: https://www.paypal.me/pxhobbies ----- ----- Salam Diecaster Indonesia ----- Jangan lupa Subscribes ya Om.. Ditunggu juga Like, Comment, dan Share nya biar saya semangat bikin video-video selanjutnya.. ----- Ada tawaran kerja bareng? Bisikin dong.. pxhobbiescom@gmail.com ----- Follow: Facebook http://bit.ly/fBpXH0bbIES Instagram http://bit.ly/iGpXH0bbIES Blog www.pxhobbies.com Lapak Px Hobbies: Bukalapak: http://bit.ly/BLPxHobbies

Cara kalibrasi drone NARTOR NX8 (SJRC S70W) dual gps follow me

berikut cara kalibrasi drone nartor nx8 drone pro harga murah hanya 2jt an aja... Ini drone udah dual gps keren bgt.. Pas buat pemula yg baru bgt nerbangin drone.. Drone murah tapi ga murahan pas terbang angin lumayan kenceng tp drone stabil bgt ajiibb.. Follow me Return to home Auto take off Auto landing Dual gps Camera hd 720p Ane beli di bukalapak nama toko nya serba jadi jaya.. Link beli : https://m.bukalapak.com/p/kamera/drone/drone-unit/fcd2cz-jual-nartor-nx8-wifi-fpv-dual-gps-follow-me-vs-syma-x8pro-dji-phantom-4?blca=SEUSC-TESTC&gclid=CjwKCAjwoKDXBRAAEiwA4xnqv6Mk7oI-GFtZ_CK4kdjRlQQS3EImPZUUyDwrAbzeQbWLyT_cJohamBoCTzAQAvD_BwE Jangan lupa like & subcribe ya video nya Makasih

Hot Wheels Redline 1968 Original 16 Models - Video No.135 - July 29th, 2016

Hot Wheels Redline 1968 Original 16 Models - Video No.135 - July 29th, 2016 When it comes to Redline Hot Wheels nothing is more popular than the “Original 16” models for the 1968 model year. Frequently guys will call me up and ask how much a set costs and that is a difficult question to answer. Several years ago I sat down and calculated the most expensive set I could think of and realized that you can easily spend over $30,000 for the best and rarest models to fill out a set of 16 first year cars. On the other hand if you have an eye for value, and access to many places to get Redline Hot Wheels it is possible to put a set together for around $300. Of course you can’t be too picky about condition at that price. This set is the first set I have put together for a customer at his request and I did it for him because it is going to be displayed in a museum. Usually it is just too hard to match up 16 unless you really put your mind to it and put in lot of time at it. This set is valued at around $1,400. Thanks for watching and be sure to give me thumbs up and subscribe too. I thank you so much for your time! www.ToyCarCollector.com --- Music Credit: Dispersion Relation by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...)

Expensive and shipping, not gonna buy yet.

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