Most Strange and Unusual Looking Cars in Cars Show 2018. Funny and Crazy Design Vehicles 2018

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20 забавных ПРОЗВИЩ автомобилей СССР, смешные НАЗВАНИЯ народных автомобилей СССР

20 автомобилей СССР и отечественного автопрома, с забавными названиями, народные названия авто которых вы не знали, как называют люди автомобили отечественного производства. 20 прозвищ автомобилей, какие прозвища имеют в народе всем известные автомобили ссср, и после советские автомобили. В этом списке и шишига и таблетка, и козлик, а также каблук, и еще куча всяких народных названия, подробнее смотрите в видео, там еще куча автомобилей, народные названия которых вы узнаете, посмотрев видео до конца. музыку беру отсюда

2.9 На УАЗе до сгинувших деревень земли Новгородской. "УАЗы Питер" & off-road.

Пятый день моего путешествия. Доехали до поселка Неболчи, чтобы пополнить запасы воды, продуктов первой необходимости и бензина. По плану мы должны добраться до заброшенных деревень. Я знал, что до деревни Анисимиха дорога проездная даже для "классики", но что нас ждало от поворота на заброшенную деревню Середка было известно, лишь только Богу. Приятного всем просмотра и хорошего настроения! ;) Более подробнее читайте на нашем сайте - Группа C.O.B.A.L.T. TV в ВК - Группа " УАЗы Питер " & off-road в ВК - Музыкальный проект DarkAmon163 в ВК -

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11 Craziest Cars

You won't believe the incredible cars on this top list from the smallest car ever made to a billionaire's gold sports cars crazy!! Subscribe to American Eye 6. The Apple Car Apple is known for making some of the best most revolutionary technology when it comes to computers but could they design a vehicle with that sweeps us off our feet? A video from ConceptsiPhone boasts that in 2020 this car will be able to connect to apple devices. Why would that be useful while driving? The vehicle will be able to pull up apple maps, Safari, and Siri which are all interactive on the wraparound dashboard. Seem a little too distracting? Judging by how well apple products seem to be, you can only image how quickly the icar might sell in about 4 years from now. 5. Bugatti Veyron What would you do if you woke up new a new Bugatti? This Bugatti is the fastest car in the world and go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. This 2.7 million dollar car has been spotted being driven by celebrities like Keith Urban, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jay-Z and Simon Cowell. Cristiano posted these photos on his instagram about his new toy and we bet he’s excited about this one. This Real Madrid star will only settle for the best The top speed reaches 255 miles per hour. If you decide to participate in a street race, this is definitely the one you want to go with. It’s powered by a quad-turbocharged and intercooled engine with aluminum block and heads. Be ready to fork out the gas money though, it only gets 7 miles per gallon. But if you can afford this to begin with, you probably won’t worry about that. 4. Smallest Car in the World Meanwhile in China, this man here created the world’s smallest car and it most likely will not impress a girl on a first date. However, it has a lot of the basics every car needs like; brakes, accelerators and an engine. He created this in order to navigate the streets of Shanghai much easier and what good is a fancy car anyways if you’re always sitting in traffic! Don’t forget, it only costs about 200 dollars to make. He built it out of a miniature toy car made for children. The bumping sound system also has enough storage room for 500 songs! This looks like something the creators of Mario Cart may want to look into. 3. Dubai Police Cars You will most likely not win a high speed pursuit from a cop in Dubai; considering the fact that they transform million dollar sports cars into their patrol vehicles. Who wouldn’t want to work as a cop is this is the case! The United Arab Emirates is known for its wealthy car fanatics so staying one step ahead of the criminals is key for police in their biggest city. This Lamborghini Aventador is commonly used to chase down pursuing suspects as well as other luxury cars such as Aston Martins, Ferraris and Bentleys. But could you imagine getting pulled over by this red and white Lykan Hypersport that you see in this photo and is the most expensive car in the world? Only slightly slower than the Bugatti Veyron, this luxurious car is used more as a statement of how wealthy the police are and how they can’t be bribed. Would you want to work as a policeman in Dubai? 2. The Fat Car This looks like it’s been ingesting too many milkshakes and it could really go on a diet. Designed by Austrian sculptor, Erwin Wurm, the fat car looks similar to an exploded marshmallow that seems to more of a humorous design and more of piece of art than an actual functioning automobile. Some art enthusiasts tend to believe that this represents how man and machine have tended to merge throughout especially in the past few decades and how consumerism can be downright gluttonous. He mocks western countries for their obsession with the desire to own bigger cars and created this fluffy looking car with the help of special foam. He’s also responsible for what he calls the Fat House, which has a very similar design as you can tell from this photo. 1. Lamborghini Veneno Roadster The Veneno Roadster is possibly the most expensive car in the world and sells for a whopping 4.3 million US dollars; that’s if you can find one. The jaw-dropping limited edition doesn’t even need a roof and was designed the by the infamous Italian carmakers, Lamborghini. It almost resembles more like a fighter jet than an actual car. It’s fitted with an extremely powerful v-12 engine and can go from 0 to 60 in just 2.9 seconds. It’s made of lightweight carbon fiber which allows it to stay light and reach a top speed of 220 miles per hour. This car was launched as a part of Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. Keep saving your lunch money if you want to get behind one of these crazy cars.

Amazing video of most strangest and craziest police car at the cars show in Kiev, Ukraine. Strange costume cars review 2018. Custom Soviet car UAZ 469.
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