Most Strange and Unusual Looking Cars in Cars Show 2018. Funny and Crazy Design Vehicles 2018

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2.9 На УАЗе до сгинувших деревень земли Новгородской. "УАЗы Питер" & off-road.

Пятый день моего путешествия. Доехали до поселка Неболчи, чтобы пополнить запасы воды, продуктов первой необходимости и бензина. По плану мы должны добраться до заброшенных деревень. Я знал, что до деревни Анисимиха дорога проездная даже для "классики", но что нас ждало от поворота на заброшенную деревню Середка было известно, лишь только Богу. Приятного всем просмотра и хорошего настроения! ;) Более подробнее читайте на нашем сайте - Группа C.O.B.A.L.T. TV в ВК - Группа " УАЗы Питер " & off-road в ВК - Музыкальный проект DarkAmon163 в ВК -

Land Rover Freelander Chevy Niva UAZ-469 Off-road 4x4 Fails Crashes

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niva vs pajero io

Зима 2018

Funny Exhaust Competition Part 2, Umass Car Show 2015

Funny Exhaust Competition Part 2, Umass Car Show 2015 Any commentary or remarks heard in this video are from spectators standing next to my camera and not from me.

Nissan GT-R R35's - Taking Over Berkeley Marina Car Meet

Here is some more great footage from the Berkeley Marina Car Meet, this video includes multiple (modified) Nissan GT-R's practically taking over the show. They were all attracting attention from all of the other cars, especially since all of them were together. You will first see them at rest in a dirt lot, then cruising around the main lot to find a spot to park their cars. Unfortunately since there was no place to park, they ended up parking in front of a bunch of other vehicles. Then you will see as most of them hit the streets, listen to the rumble being produced from the Twin-Turbo V6 engines! Which one looked and sounded the best? Go ahead and comment below with your opinion! Also, please be sure to rate, fave, and/or SUBSCRIBE for more great car videos! Enjoy! Follow me on Instagram, for cool photos of cars and others! @nasnick

Amazing video of most strangest and craziest police car at the cars show in Kiev, Ukraine. Strange costume cars review 2018. Custom Soviet car UAZ 469.
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