Top 10 Fascinating Concept Cars That Never Made It to Production. Incredibly Concept Cars

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Top 7 Underrated Cars of the 1980s Cars. Underrated Old and Classic Cars of the 80s

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Top 7 Weirdest Cars Ever Made. Most Strange and Craziest Design Cars All Time 2018

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The big shift from boxy cars in the '80s to curvy cars in the '90s, explained. Read more: Magazine archive from: Automotive Hall of Fame footage from: Subscribe to our channel! is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: Follow Vox on Twitter: Or on Facebook:

Concept Cars that put today's Concept Cars to shame

At the GM Heritage Center, we take a look at several Chevrolet concept cars that look like spaceships and still look futuristic today. These concept cars from the 60s and 70s put most concept cars from today to shame! Music: "Inner Journey" by Jason Shaw of Facebook - Twitter:!/DtRockstar1 Instagram:


The future is now. And yet all the cars you’re about to see seem to have come from a time way beyond our own. Some look more suited for Mars, while others look like they’ve been made by a different civilization of beings altogether. Here are some of the most futuristic cars ever conceived. And some might require a double take since they look closer to spaceships than sedans. Subscribe to Talltanic 7. Sport Light Racing The Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren stayed in production from 2003 to 2010. These models included Sensotronic Brake Control, a kind of brake-by-wire system that features carbon ceramic brake discs capable of a faster stopping power. The letters SLR stand for Sport Leicht Rennsport in German. When translated into English, it means “Sport Light Racing” in reference to the older Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, a championship-winning sportscar. The SLR McLaren is actually a modified version of the W196S racecar and has the designed of a closed-wheel Formula 1 car. 6. Multi-Million Dollar Convertible First off, Pagani doesn’t make as many cars at the other major car companies out there. But when they do make one, it comes in the quality of cars like the Pagani Huayra Roadster. The mid-engined sports car was produced in 2012 at the assembly in Modena, Italy. When it came to reviews, it was enthusiastically received by the likes of Richard Hammond, who many of you recognize from the BBC’s driving show Top Gear and even won the Hypercar of the Year award in 2012. As far as the price went, Pagani listed the Huayra’s price at $2.4 million, and by 2015, the 100 units of the Huayra were already sold out. 5. KAZ and Eliica KAZ stands for Keio Advanced Zero Emission, a vehicle produced by a team at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan. Professor Hiroshi Shimizu lead the project to make the KAZ you see here, in 2003; and it’s a project that would eventually lead to the production of the Ellica a year later. The concept car Eliica derives its name from the acronym for Electric Lithium-Ion Car. This bus-like vehicle runs on an electric battery, first shown in 2004. The newer Eliica weighs 2,400 kilograms or 5,300 pounds and can seat up to 4 people, though the KAZ could seat up to 8 passengers. 4. DNA Modified The skeleton for the Mercedes Benz Biome looks like something an alien race produced rather than someone Mercedes-Benz came out with. In 2010, the major car company released the Biome. It’s already strange enough in the way it looks, but it gets stranger. What fuels this so-called biome? Well, plant juice, according to Mercedes Benz. But then they also said it was grown from genetically modified seeds, so what’s the truth? The odd contraption was unveiled at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, and despite looking fantastically cool and having a backstory, it won no awards. The fuel that actually powers the car is known as BioNectar4534, stored within the interior ad wheels of the car. 3. The Canopy From Outer Space The introduction of the Ferrari 512S Modulo first took place in the year 1970, though you would have guessed it was more like the year 2170. The Modulo is best known for its low-body that resembles something out of Star Wars. It’s roof is canopy style, meaning it slides forward to let the driver in and out. No more side doors of the past. At first, it appears as though it hovers over the road, but it’s good, old fashioned wheels are partially hidden so that it gives off that hover-look. Italian car designer Paolo Martin designed this Ferrari, which was unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show. 2. The World Car Even though it was a top finalist as a World Car of the Year in 2014, the Volkswagen xl1 is a vehicle that most Americans won’t get to drive. The reason behind that bit of news is due to Volkswagen only producing 250 of these 1 liter cars. And it’s a shame since it’s a cool car that’s also a diesel-powered plug-in hybrid so driving around this spaceship can only be better for the environment. The Volkswagen XL1 first started its production in 2013 and comes with a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery. Their price in US dollars comes out to $150,000 and only seats 2 people. The Moon Rider The aluminum-ridden designed was unveiled in 2001 and is the most dramatic of all the futuristic cars on this list. At least a few of the vehicles included on this list look semi-practical to have on real life, but they were meant for real life on Earth. This car designed by the French car company Peugeot named it the Moonster and was unveiled at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is a concept car, so it doesn’t even have an engine or suspension system. Sure it won’t be known for any of its functions, but it would sure look cool on the moon.

Amazing compilation of strange and unusual concept cars ever made. Crazy and funny design vehicles.
10. Toyota Kikai – 2015
9. Ford Seattle-ite XXI – 1962
8. Ford Probe IV – 1983
7. Buick Y-Job – 1940
6. Dodge Deora – 1965
5. Toyota CX-80 – 1979
4. Frisky Family Three – 1959
3. Plymouth XNR – 1960
2. Toyota EX-III – 1969
1. Buick Centurion – 1956

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