Mattel cars 3 review: Terry Kargas

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Cars 3 custom Tim treadless ponchy Wipeout and terry kargas custom diecast review

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Mattel Disney Cars 3 Terry Kargas (Triple Dent #31) Piston Cup Racer Die-cast

Terry Kargas is a new character in Cars 3, who is sponsored by Triple Dent. He's #31 and has a blue/white paint job. Terry is a background racer and does not speak in the movie. During Cars 3, the next generation Triple Dent racer, Cam Spinner, replaces Terry. Despite his limited appearance, he's a significant Easter Egg. Triple Dent Gum was shown in 2015 Pixar movie Inside Out. He's currently only available as a single in several cases (contents below). For a better viewing experience, set the quality of this video to 2160p (4K)! Related Videos: Ed Truncan - Ernie Gearson - Cars 3 Singles Case T (with collector cards): (3) Jackson Storm (1) River Scott (1) Louise “Barnstormer” Nash (1) Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez (1) Junior Moon (1) Pat Traxson (1) Fabulous Lightning McQueen (1) Darren Leadfoot (Shiny Wax #82) (1) Maddy McGear (1) Kris Revstopski (2) Rust-eze Lightning McQueen (1) H.J. Hollis (Next Generation N20 Cola #68) (2) Ed Truncan (Next Generation Mood Springs #33) (1) Terry Kargas (Triple Dent #31) (1) Phil Tankson (Nitroade #28) (1) Herb Curbler (Next Generation Faux Wheel Drive #58) (2) Dinoco Cruz Ramirez (1) Mater (1) Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Join my Disney Cars Google Plus community: Join the Disney Cars Diecast Club on Facebook: COOLection TV: AquaStrike: Dusty Vanderson: Music: My Own Paradise | Legacy ( ( ( ( (

Cars 3 Mattel diecast, Terry Kargas

Terry Kargas is the number 31 Triple Dent stock car from the 2017 Disney/Pixar film Cars 3. He eventually got replaced by Next-Gen racer, Cam Spinner. He uses the same model as Brick Yardley in the movie, but Mattel did an error in using the same model as Cal Weathers. Music: Sock Hop, by Kevin Macleod. You can download free Kevin Macleod mp3 music from Royalty free music

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