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Happy Father's Day DAD!!! HAHA! Sorry for pulling this prank on you. I love you Dad! Please don't try this. It was done in a safe enclosed area. I hope you had a great Father's day with your Dad! Dad is always there no matter what. Thank you for protecting me against those bullies! My father REGGIE LEE Thanks to MAXMAN TV Drift House MADLIFE SONG iTunes MADLIFE CUSTOMIZED T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE AT : Shawn Lee Beatbox videos Follow me on : Facebook Twitter Instagram Contact

Old Man Ice Skating Prank, Grandfather ice skater prank, Backflip on ice

Hi guys, this is the first old man prank video on ice, and also my first prank video. enjoy :) please like and share my video if you like. And follow us on fb: acro ice Insta: acrobaticonice Special thank's: Csepel Ice Rink (fb: Csepel jégpálya) Open Optika / Örkény (fb: Open Optika) The million photos (fb: themillionphotos) (fb: Makeup: Éva Orsolya Mihály / Music: 1.Samurai / samurai Japon 2.Firefly / Jim Yosef

MOST INSANE Sleepers VS Supercars

THANKS FOR 5K! Some of the top sleepers vs Expensive supercars! Videos used: C5 Corvette vs Miata w/ LS1 Swap - Greer Dragway Volvo S40 420hp VS. Lamborghini Gallardo LP520-4 E-gear #taikosdragai: Old VW Passat vs Ferrari 458 Italia @Nemunring Nissan MAXIMA 3.5 turbo VS Porshe turbo Jdm vs Germany 2012 Nissan GTR vs Dodge Ram Cummins TETRAKOSARI II - Honda Civic vs Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

[ON TV] Leona Chin Chinese TV Show FTEAM 炫风车手

ClICK HERE To watch F-Team Reality TV Show from Guangdong TV China Channel created China’s first original car competitive reality show. Broadcasts Every Friday 9:10PM (90 Minutes) Guangdong TV Channel This entertainment program is a starting point for introducing talented drivers, who shows off their set of skills and professional racing through this reality show as a whole, hosted by a line of star performers such as Jimmy Lin, Liu Tao, Yu Quan, and Zhou Yong and selects drivers who love racing, some who are athletes and professional racers, stunt drivers, normal people understand the car racing, the five stars will then pick and choose favorite drivers and set up their own team. The program is recorded at Ocean Spring Resort (Zhuhai). This Show has a high entertainment and professional competition system combine to dramatic ups and downs of the story into the car show, respect for humanity, tells the moving story of people and cars between the end of the program will elect a champion Championship leader will not only get exclusive private custom car, will also be a section of the 2016 car brand spokesperson. As a passionate car athletic gear reality show, “fun” is an essential element. In the “F-Team” program, will be integrated into the various elements of the car as the star player of the captain of the selection criteria. ‪#JimmyLin Taiwan’s first salaried professional race car driver, has its own fleet “flat ride fleet” and active in various fields of motorsports. Jimmy Lin won in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan’s major regional tournaments . ‪#LiuTao National goddess, 2006 is eligible for the CTS Charity Cup tournament women’s champion, became the tournament’s number one, since then, Liu Tao known as the “Queen of the Mainland racing.” ‪#YuQuan The car has a fanatical emotions, a star F1 racing during the 2006 World Cup, the Chen Yu Fan and Hu Hai-Quan respectively contest winner and runner-up. ‪#ZhouYong He has won the National Rally Championship – drivers championship; several domestic Rally Championship race wins and the title of Speed King. 2015 37th Dakar Rally once again set a record, creating a Chinese driver to win the Dakar Rally best record in history. 第八位车手 ‪#陈莉慧 ‪#炫风车手 ‪#leonachin ‪#girldrifter ‪#fteam ‪#HyundaiGenesis Thanks to ‪#PrinceLubricants ‪#GiTiTires ‪#GoPro ‪#Xracing ‪#3mScotchprint ‪#KurazMotorsports ‪#SpikeMotorsports

Greg Murphy (aka Barry Ford) gives Cameron Smith a SURPRISE Hot Lap!

V8 Supercar legend Greg Murphy goes under cover as "Barry Ford" to take Rugby league champ Cam Smith on an HSV hot lap he was NOT expecting! Book your spot at an HSV Drive Experience! Or book a test drive in an HSV GTS today:

A driving school approached us and thought it would be funny to prank their new instructors on the first day at the job. We agreed..
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