The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Quest-lines Review

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Who is the Strongest Enemy in Skyrim?

Most characters and enemies level with you, although only up to a point. Other enemies actually have and maintain their levels regardless of how powerful you are. So with all of these things in mind, who is the strongest you can find in this game? I have compiled 3 different lists to answer this question. The first one is a list of the strongest non uniques non dragon leveled enemies you can find. This list is not literal, as a lot of vampires would be stronger than even the strongest bandits. So i tried to make it so that i could add as many cool different variations of enemies as i could find. Because of this the first list is not authorative at all, but just a list I thought would be fun to create; and is merely a list of honorable mentions. The second list is of the literal strongest enemies you will find in the game, unique or not. And this one is in fact literal. We will talk about difficulty for these enemies, their levels, their hp, their abilities, and everything else that is pertinent to answer the question. The last list is for followers and we will answer which follower is the strongest in the game; and if you were to fight them, which one would pose the greater threat to you. For those of you who don't understand how the leveling system works for enemies, is as follows: Enemies like draugrs for example who level with you will wait until you reach a threshold level. As soon as you reach that level, the game will start throwing newer and stronger versions of draugrs against you. Then as soon as you reach the next threshold, it will do so again. Until you reach the Draugr Death Overlord who is the last. This won't stop the game from sending you lesser draugrs, but merely makes it so that you can encounter stronger ones randomly. Unique enemies that scale to your level on the other hand, usually have a level multiplier that follows your level. So whatever your level is, you would multiply that with an arbitrary number like 1.2 or 1.5 and the result would be the level of the enemy. That number of course changes depending on the enemy. Followers will always be your level, regardless of anything; up until their designated max level. After that, then they stagnate. Sorry about my poor grammar. Me just a gamer. Me don't know much else. Love you all

Skyrim - Killing Paarthurnax Alternate Quest

This video is just to show you what happens when you kill Paarthurnax and what goodies you get by doing this quest. This quest can be completed any time during the game, only after you have gotten to Sky Haven temple in the main story.

How to Make Skyrim NEW Again

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Skyrim Lore: Dwemer Secrets!

Wabam! The most requested Lore video is out guys! Enjoy! The Dwemer are a mysterious race that are known to have been probably the most powerful race in the entire Elder Scrolls Lore! Yet..they are gone. What happened to them? See this video to find out! Juicy Dwarven Secrets! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please understand that most events/interesting facts about the dwemer all happened before Skyrim, which means that i cannot get footage from that since can only record from Skyrim and Oblivion because of time constraints. This means that there are a lot of pictures and drawings in this video. Hope you all understand. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please support me by pressing the like, favorite, and subscribe buttons! It truly helps me out, you guys have no idea. Let me know how I did in the comments below! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join me on facebook at: Music: Kevin MacLeod ( For the minecraft info:

Skyrim - All Shouts

Want to know how to be overpowered in Skyrim? God mode is on as this video is just to show off each shout. God mode also takes away the cooldown on shouts, spamming them like I did at some points is impossible. God mode is exclusive to PC and is done through Console Commands. SHOUT LOCATION GUIDES: Animal Allegiance: Calls all animals in your area to aid you. (Doesn't bring dragons) Aura Whisper: Shows all lifeforms around. Become Ethereal: Invincible to damage; attacking takes away effect. Call Dragon: Calls a dragon to aid you in battle. (Requires main game completion) Call of Valor: Summons a dude FROM Sovngarde to aid you in battle. Clear Skies: Clears skies. Disarm: Disarms enemies weapons. Dismay: Makes enemies flee. Dragonrend: Forces a dragon to land. (Requires open land) Elemental Fury: Makes you attack at lolwut speed. (Requires unenchanted weapon) Fire Breath: Breathe fire. Frost Breath: Breathe frost. Ice Form: Freezes targets in a block of ice. Kyne's Peace: Makes animals flee. Marked for Death: Targets life and armor are decreased. Slow Time: Slows time. Storm Call: Calls a storm that shoots lightning at enemies. (Might not work inside) Throw Voice: Make enemies go to where your voice is thrown. Unrelenting Force: Unleashes Skyrim physics. Whirlwind Sprint: Sprints you ahead in a burst of speed. *Phantom Form: Creates a clone for 3ish seconds to distract enemies. (Useful for Stealth gameplay) *Possible Shout I missed, not confirmed though

I love Skyrim, but trying to enact change is like getting blood from a stone. This video glances at the 6 main quest-lines within the game and nags them a bit. Spoilers are kept to a minimum, I hope. Some of the visuals represent important places, but you'd need prior knowledge to spot their relevance :)

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