Most Amazing Miniature & Model Engines In The World

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In this video you will see some of the world's smallest miniature engines running, including a V8, V12, V16, V-Twin, a Stirling Engine and much more!

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16 Cylinder Gas Powered Stirling Engine -by: JohnnyQ90

Motor W-32. Miniatura.W-32 Engine -by: Motores Patelo

Luther V12 -by: Axel Eickhoff

V12 Flammenfresser -by: Nils Dralle

4 cylinder vacuum-engine -by: bamsefar1

Flame Engine Flame Dancer -by: tim777jet

Second Run V16 -by: v12-factory

First Tuned Run of Terry Mayhugh's Quarter Scale V12 Merlin
-by: mayhugh1

1906 Bruce-MacBeth Model Gas Engine Electric Plant
-by: MrRustkolector

V12 - Synchronizing Carburetors -by: dickinohio

Luther blau -by: Axel Eickhoff

Jerry Howell V-Twin -by: SmallEngineBuilder

Worlds FIRST axial flow model jet engine -by: ArcturanMegadonkey


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