PS4 - Kingdom Come: Deliverance Final Trailer (2018)

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Before You Buy

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is an open world RPG with a unique historical spin. Is it worth the hype? Let's talk. DISCORD: Subscribe for more:

Rocky Handsome Final Fight Scene Reaction

The best fight scene ever? Probably. Check out our reaction to the final fight scene in... "Rocky Handsome" Follow us on Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Subscribe to our channel: Original Video: Equipment Used: Neewer Condenser Mic To Buy US: UK: Nikon D3300 Camera To Buy: US: UK: Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm Lens To Buy:US: UK: Behringer XENYX Q1202USB To Buy: US: UK: Medium Camera Tripod To Buy: US: Boom Mic Stand To Buy: US: UK:

All Saw Endings, All Game Overs

all the endings and game overs of saw

Kingdom Come Deliverance. Boss fight versus Runt, the bandit leader (Longsword fight).

Live at: This is my recording, I'm quite shit at the game still but I managed to do it. I used the Merchant's sword, since it's quite a strong, durable and afforable Longsword.

N64 games running at 60fps.

EDIT: Many people don't read the text below so i report the principal information here: this are games which are supposed to run at 60 fps on the original hardware. They are not accelerated by the emulator i use. WARNING: This video has been captured and uploaded at 60fps. I recommand to display it at 60fps. For this, use Chrome and select 720p or 1080p. ------------ EDIT: other games found after making this video: mischief makers (mainly a 2D game but 3D sections at 60fps) ------------- Nintendo 64 is a console that suffered from many games with really poor framerate. Even though several of them are of a respectable 30fps (25 in PAL countries) like Mario 64, Banjo-kazooie, Turok ..., as long as the years passed, more and more N64 games favored graphic quality over smoothness, resulting very often in a poor 20fps (17 for PAL countries) framerate like Zelda ocarina of time, Get force gemini ... Such an asmathic framerate compared to the 'standard' 60fps of the games in the arcade centers during the mid 90's! In 1998, the N64 version of the superNES classic 'F-zero' went out: F-Zero X. The 60fp framerate of this game was highly pointed out by the media as a guaranty of a perfectly fluid racing experience. Until recently, i personnaly thought F-zero X was the only N64 game running at 60fps. But while launching a few titles for fun on my N64 emulator i discovered that it is not the case. This video shows several N64 games hitting 60fps. Watching these games delivers a very nice feeling like watching a mid 90's arcade game or a dreamcast game runnin at 60fps (of course with lower poly count, worse textures, ..) Some remarks: - This list is not exhaustive. In order to build it i checked the video preview of my N64 roms database and tried to find the fluid ones. these video previews are running in 30fps, so not an easy task .. moreover some of my N64 games have no video preview so for these i simply skipped them. - Some N64 games have an unlocked framerate which means that they can reach 60fps in NOT heavy load situation (like watching a wall) but most of the time run lower (30fps , 20fps). This is the case for golden eyes and perfect dark for example. I didn't include these games. I only included games for which 60fps seems to be at least the predominant framerate. - i cannot certify 100% that the framerate is exactly the same on real hardware (real N64 console) as, except for F-zero X, i never played these games on real hardware. However i'm pretty confident it is the same. - For most of these games, I just tested the begining of the first level. So i cannot guaranty that the framerate stays the same through the whole game. - Sorry for the mouse cursor that i left in front of the emulator window and that was captured by fraps. I realised it after doing all the captures and i'm to lazy to redo all videos. Hope you'll enjoy!

PS4 - Kingdom Come: Deliverance Final Trailer (2018)
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