Best GPU for mining cryptocurrency in (2018) Best GPU to mine Ethereum in (2018)!!

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Is mining still profitable in 2018..... YES look at us

The whole purpose of this and the next few videos is to help anyone interested in learning from my 8 months of experience in the subject of crypto coins and crypto coin mining. We have had great success both building out businesses around these models and profited great from investing and mining alike. Please try to start out with anything you have and build up with profits from mining as you go. This way you can always stay on the positive side of things. The reason I suggest mining so strongly is because in a sideways market its hard to make a ton with simple investing unless you are very keen on learning. Please feel free to ask me directly and questions about our mining, cost of power, experiences so far and where we plan on expanding in the future. We recently made large purcahses of fpga bcu 1525 cards in order to increase profits even more. Please do not think any question is to new or out of touch i'm happy to help. I hope this helps you guys and gals generate some extra income with any old computers or gaming systems you have lying around. Please watch our hardware wallet videos and the important of keeping your coins on a hardware wallet usb to keep hackers from stealing the coins or you misplacing them Motorcycles Vancouver is an engaging community founded on the passion and built by the love of helping others. Come along with us on more adventures in our other videos on Motorcycles.

GPU vs A10 ASIC Mining Ethereum Comparison

Today's source shows us the new Innosilicon A10 ASIC miner for Ethereum. As the price, performance and power usage was shown on the presentation, i decided to make a quick comparison of GPU's and the A10 ASIC Miner. ★ Source:;all (Keep in mind that the prices i provided are based on the prices from Amazon, and that there can be missing import fees/taxes on these ASIC Miners!) Buy Cheap RX 580 8GB's: ► Buy Cheap GTX 1070 8GB's: ► Buy Complete NVidia/AMD rigs at: ► You could buy your parts from amazon using the following links: Buy anything using the following links: ★ Amazon Global: ► ★ Amazon UK: ► ★ Amazon Germany: ► ★ Amazon Canada: ► ★ Amazon France: ► ★ Facebook: ► ★ Twitter: ► ★ Instagram: ► ★ Join our Discord at the BuriedONE Blockchain Community if you seek help! Discord: ★

Best GPU for Etherium Mining

Depending on your ROI goals there are a couple of options for the best GPU for Etherium Mining. In this video I take a look at GPU Ethereum Mining. Check out RX 580 GPUs on Amazon: Check out GTX 1070s on Amazon: LEARN HOW TO BUILD A CRYPTOCURRENCY MINING RIG! - Jerad's Social Media: AltCast Social Media: Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. The content shared on this channel is for entertainment purposes only. Please consult a licensed financial advisor before making any decisions about your money.

Cursed Mining Farm #5: August 2018 (GPU Octominer Antminer Z9Mini L3+ Baikal)

Welcome back to Cursed Mining and our August farm update! We are talking about all machines and some strategies in the following order: #Z9mini, GPUs (AMD / #Octominer ), #Baikal Giant+, L3+, FutureBit Moonlander 2 & lastly some CPU #Mining for the first time (i7 & Ryzen) Discord Server: ► Rig parts used: Gigabyte H110 D3A 6 GPU: Pentium G4400 CPU: 4GB DDR4 Patriot VIPER RAM: Veddha 6 GPU Rig Frame: Power Button Mining Rig: 6 Pack RISER Set Ver008S: ► Power & PSU 1200w HP Server PSU: 750w HP Server PSU: 12 Slot Breakout Board: ► Maintenance & Fans WD40 Contact Cleaner: 99% Alcohol: Thermalgrizzly Thermalpaste: Microfibre Cloth: CompuCleaner Air Duster: DataVac Air Duster: ANTMINER 6000RPM Replacement Fan Thermaltake Ring LED Fan blue: Noctua Industrial 3000 PWM: Anti Vibration Rubber Mounts: Explore and support us: ► HiveOS (free for 3 Rigs): ► Ledger Hardware Wallet: ► Wirex Visa BTC debit card: Exchanges used by this channel: ► Binance: ► KuCoin: ► Cryptopia: ► Tip Jar: BTC: 1N2sND6H8ToSExBYciTizNK5NoS98vcXob LTC: LfGP8yCymqzW84pJSoWNw22bDzximhHXw5 ZenCash: znYtrGa55jeGFhQxhdDsjKDLQameiejUd4Q DeepOnion: DmyQAT7qoPvMBJVZ5JougidkR2pjP6UJ8q NXS: 2SUcYG8hVeVeTv8ckWeaE2Prmp4vnbcBHzWiP9UeAxHJWSr5AEs Please note that this is a tech and mining channel - this means that if projects are mentioned in videos, this is done because of their technical side or because I am sharing experiences. This is in not in any way financial advice (or a buy tip) etc ► Music Credit: Dj Quads Track Name: "Breathing" Music By: Dj Quads @ Original upload HERE - • Music promoted by NCM:

How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With 6X 1080 Ti Beginners Guide

Nviddia GTX 1080 Ti - 6X GPU Mining Rig Case - PCI-E Raisers - 1000W EVGA G2 Power Supply - SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB Solid State Drive - 4gb DDR4 Ram - Asus 6 PCI-E Motherboard for LGA 1151 - Intel BX80677G3930 7th Gen Celeron CPU - Total cost: Around $7000+ Profit: $45 - $55 per day. Electricity Cost - $120 Per month. Profit per month after electricity cost $1230 ROA in less than 6 months. Forum Post - TRACK LIST 00:00 - Ehrling - Sthlm Sunset - 02:53 - Ehrling - Stay Forever Ft. Yohanna Seifu - 06:06 - Ehrling - All I Need - 08:39 - Ehrling - Palm Trees - 12:02 - Ehrling - Adventure - 14:11 - Ehrling - No Worries (Feat. Timon & Pumbaa) - 17:21 - Ehrling - Tease -

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Best GPU for mining cryptocurrency in (2018) Best GPU to mine Ethereum in (2018)! One of the best ROI graphics cards that can mine Ethereum or eth and make you some profit on the side, this GPU review is supported by Dtek who supported us by providing information about this GPU. To contact Dtek join his discord:
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