Geopolitical Simulator 4: 2018 - All Roads Lead to Delhi Ep. 45 - Afghan Alliance

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Geopolitical Simulator 4: 2018 - All Roads Lead to Delhi Ep. 46 - Afghan-Pakistani Tensions

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Corruption is Legal in America

Learn more at http://Represent.Us/TheProblem, and go to to see our plan and join the Anti-Corruption Movement. Click on "show more" to view our sources. 1. Gilens and Page, “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens,” Perspective on Politics, 2014. 2. Washington Post, “Rich People Rule!” 2014. 3. Washington Post, “Once again, U.S. has most expensive, least effective health care system in survey,” 2014. 4. Forbes Opinion, “The tax code is a hopeless complex, economy-suffocating mess,” 2013. 5. CNN, “Americans pay more for slower Internet,” 2014. 6. The Hill, “Sanders requests DOD meeting over wasteful spending,” 2015. 7. CBS News, “Wastebook 2014: Government’s questionable spending,” 2014. 8. The Heritage Foundation, Budget Book, 2015. 9. The Atlantic, “American schools vs. the world: expensive, unequal, bad at math,” 2013. 10. CNN Opinion, “War on drugs a trillion-dollar failure,” 2012. 11. Feeding America, Child Hunger Fact Sheet, 2014. 12. New York Times, “Banks’ lobbyists help in drafting financial bills,” 2014. 13. New York Times, “Wall Street seeks to tuck Dodd-Frank changes in budget bill,” 2014 14. Sunlight Foundation, “Fixed Fortunes: Biggest corporate political interests spend billions, get trillions,” 2014. 15. Sunlight Foundation, Fixed Fortunes database, 2015.

Geopolitical Simulator 4: Power and Revolution | Venezuela | EP03

Discover the world's benchmark of geopolitical simulators today! In Power & Revolution, the fourth generation of Geopolitical Simulator, become a Head of State of one or several countries of your choice and extend your influence on the world, or play as a legal or illegal opposition leader and get ready for the conquest to power! Check out Geo Political Simulator 4 Power and Revolution here: ______________________________________________________ Thanks for stopping in! If you enjoyed the episode, feel free to leave a like in support! If you're enjoying the series, why not subscribe? I try and post new videos daily with more on the way! Come hang out on Discord: Wanna chat or keep up with posts? Check out my Twitter! __________________________________________________________________ Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Outro Music by: Pafiot - Serious War

10 Best Management Simulation Games Where You're The Boss

If you’re the type of organized person who likes to have things under control and make lots of elaborate plans then you’re most probably a fan of management simulation games. Be them business oriented or inspired by the political medium, these gaming titles possess the unique gift of keeping you in front of the computer for countless hours. And, because they are such an addictive genre, in today’s video we’re going to have a look at 10 of the best management simulation games.

Hearts of Iron 4: Cold War as the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union attempts to re-write history this time, beginning with Stalin’s rule. Will we succeed? ►CAN WE ACHIEVE 50 LIKES AND 20 COMMENTS? ►LINK TO THE MOD: ►Join my Discord!: ►ENJOYED THE SERIES? GO SURE TO LIKE AND TO SUBSCRIBE! ►Be sure to drop a comment! ►Be sure to like and to subscribe! ►Want to donate me something on Steam? ►BECOME A PATREON! STARTING FROM 1$!: ►Become a Curse YouTube-Partner! ►G2A Reflink:

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