Geopolitical Simulator 4: 2018 - All Roads Lead to Delhi Ep. 48 - Russian Satellites

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Hoi4 Führerreich - Mexico becomes the dominant power in the new world

Viva Mexico! Arriba! (Did i do that correct?)

Hearts of Iron 4 Alternate History | The 1920 Treaty of Vienna

In this episode of Hearts of Iron 4 Alternate History Documentaries we take a look at The 1920 Treaty of Vienna. This treaty ended The Great War (World War I) after The Central Powers defeated The Triple Entente. This video is a continuation of my Great War campaign with the Ottoman Empire. We'll be continuing this campaign in a modified version of vanilla's 1936 start. These "documentary" videos are filling in the years from 1920 to 1936. Here is a link to the start of the Great War Ottoman campaign: If you enjoyed then please leave a like and share this video. Check out the rest of our content and subscribe to our channel. We would also love to hear your feedback, so please leave a comment. Thanks for watching! HOI4 | HOI 4 | HOI IV | Alternative Hist | what-if scenario | what if | gameplay | Documentary

Restoring the Ottoman Empire - GPS 4 pt. 2 Turkish Economic Rise

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