What Remains of Edith Finch - Game Review

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SOMA: Safe Mode Review - Captivating

Finally safe enough to experience this, and thank goodness! This has stuck in my mind. Recommended for most, but especially fans of System Shock & similar.

Elder Scrolls - Julian LeFay wants to make a Daggerfall 'sequel'

Julian LeFay (lead developer of Arena & Daggerfall) is "interested in doing a Daggerfall "sequel," or maybe a Daggerfall reinvented." This video looks briefly at why this could be worthwhile and what a next step might be. Game footage is Daggerfall Unity: https://www.dfworkshop.net/ Main source of info is Jensen's Reddit AMA: https://goo.gl/CtGSH9 Reddit thread for discussion: https://goo.gl/XshvFQ

Dungeon Warfare 2 Review - Tower Defence PC-Game

Charming & diverting iteration of a well-worn genre, with a little more under the hood than most of it's kind.

No Man's Sky - PC-Game Review

Although ultimately hugely disappointing, the first several hours were a wonderful & memorable experience. Hello Games & Sony painted themselves into a corner by failing to manage expectations, but on it's own merits, the game is worth picking up during a hefty sale.

Wolfram Tones - Music Examples & Review: Procedural Generator has variety

Dabbling with GameMaker led me to look for procedurally generated music software. After trying a few things, Wolfram Tones won out, mainly for the variety within its output. Examples of music begin at 1:42. http://tones.wolfram.com A worldwide, royalty-free licence to use WT within commercial indie-games can be requested using the 'contact us' link within their website. Backdrop to the video is a pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha-pre-pre of a small growth of code I've prodded until it did a thing.

Magical, rigid, memorable, varied, hand-holding, polished, poignant, depressing, beautiful. I'm fond of this, though suspect I'd be almost as fond of a film of the same name. Almost.

(Re-upload: Decided to separate Reviews & Let's Plays)

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