What Remains of Edith Finch - Game Review

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Elder Scrolls - Julian LeFay wants to make a Daggerfall 'sequel'

Julian LeFay (lead developer of Arena & Daggerfall) is "interested in doing a Daggerfall "sequel," or maybe a Daggerfall reinvented." This video looks briefly at why this could be worthwhile and what a next step might be. Game footage is Daggerfall Unity: https://www.dfworkshop.net/ Main source of info is Jensen's Reddit AMA: https://goo.gl/CtGSH9 Reddit thread for discussion: https://goo.gl/XshvFQ

SOMA: Safe Mode Review - Captivating

Finally safe enough to experience this, and thank goodness! This has stuck in my mind. Recommended for most, but especially fans of System Shock & similar.

Observer: Game Review - Cyberpunk Noir Post-Apocalyptic Murder-Mystery-Horror-Thriller

Intriguing, dark and Rutger Hauer-y. Mostly grim, with bonus lycanthropy. *does a happy dance to fend off misery* (Re-upload: Decided to separate Reviews & Let's Plays)

Fallout 4 Review – Bethesda, Fallout & The Elder Scrolls

Doesn't enthral me, though I wish it did. Where does Fallout & The Elder Scrolls go from here?

The Witcher 3 - Review

'Only' 52 hours in, and struggling to scrape further time to delve into this. A break will serve me well. As with the previous games, the gameplay bread around the narrative jam is lacking a little. The jam is awesome. Heard good things about Blood & Wine especially, so certainly want to find time for that.

Magical, rigid, memorable, varied, hand-holding, polished, poignant, depressing, beautiful. I'm fond of this, though suspect I'd be almost as fond of a film of the same name. Almost.

(Re-upload: Decided to separate Reviews & Let's Plays)

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