Mafia 2 All Easter Eggs, Secrets & Extra

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Mafia III What happened to Joe Barbaro?!? Vito's "I Need a Favor" Missions

So...what happened to Joe Barbaro after Mafia 2? Please Rate,Comment,Favorite & Subscribe!

Bully Scholarship Edition All Easter Eggs, Secrets, References and Trivia HD

This is proper compilation of all Easter Eggs and secrets found in Bully Scholarship Edition plus references, interesting stuff, trivia and extras! Visit my channel for more Bully videos! ► Watch Grand Theft Auto The Sitcom Series on my channel The list: THX 1138, Blues Brothers car plate, secret pirate island, Back to future, Super Mario, secret toilet in the safehouse unlocked after passing Greasers Challenge, Jenny's new number, the word Shit (English Class 3), Nerds need love too book found in the Dragon store after passing Nerd Challenge, Monty Pyton reference, GTA vehicles such as Regina, Stallion, Boxville and Yankee, South Park reference, preacher's speech in church that can be heard after 7pm, Bridget Jones jumper reference, Aquaberry store refers to two clothing stores Aquascutum and Burberry Music OST (in order): * Defend Bucky * Slingshot * Beach Rumble * Bike Practice Visit my channel to watch more Easter Eggs series videos Subscribe for more!


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Mafia 2 Best Glitches

This is the first episode of a new series I'm starting called Best Glitches!


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► Watch MAFIA 2 Godzilla Myth:

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The list of Easter Eggs include: developers' paintings, developers' names, Titanic ship, Ghostbusters HQ building, Psycho house Shawshank Redemption prison reference, extra cutscene where we meet Eric for first time, BioShock reference, Zero Wing reference, Packleech Co Safe, Coleman famous quote 'wachu talking bout Willis', car wrecks from Mafia 1, 'Real Gentleman' Achievement, hidden weapons, crime scene

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