TRANSFORMER GLITCH Fortnite Battle Royal

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Rocket Riding To Spawn Island!?! [Fortnite]

Today Vikk and I had the bright idea of trying to Rocket ride over to spawn island! I also get my highest kill game EVER. Partner In Crime: Muselk Merch: Twitter (best place to message me): Twitch Stream: Music: our hearts collide (iamsleepless | original song)

TOURNAMENTI I RI/SCRIMZ! | Fortnite Battle Royale Live Shqip

Support the stream: Top Donators: Ekrem Skenderi - NOK 1150 Endrit Gega - €84 MKalludra - CHF 62 strelciii - CHF 42 ItsArnol - €26 DONATO PA PARE ME LOOTS! INSTAGRAM: Ingame Resolution : 1440x1080 PC SPECS: I5 4670K AMD RX 460 4GB 16GB RAM DDR3 BENQ XL2411Z MOUSE: ZOWIE EC2-A STEELSERIES QCK+ KEYBOARD : THOR 300 GENESYS

Power Transformer vs Distribution Transformer

Power transformers are used for transmission & receiving purpose, whereas distribution transformers are used only for distribution purpose. Those transformers installed at the sending or receiving end of long high voltage transmission lines are the power transformers. The distribution transformers (generally pole mounted) are those installed in the location of the city to provide utilization voltage at the consumer terminals. In this video we learn difference between Power transformer and Distribution transformers. More videos:- Types of Transformer│ Different Types of Transformer│ Classification of Transformer│ Transformer Testing - Short circuit or Full Load Test of Transformer Transformer Testing – Open circuit or No Load Test of Transformer Thanks for watching this video. Don’t forget like share and comment this video. More update please subscribes my channel learning engineering. content source by-


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