The Smurfs Micro Village Gargamel Castle & Windmill Playset

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The Smurfs Escape from Gargamel Adventure Playset McDonalds Smurfs 2 Smurfette Clumsy Papa Smurf

"Just4fun290" presents, We use our McDonalds Smurfs 2 Smurfs we collected to play on this really cool "The Smurfs" Playset! Smurfette is sad because nobody threw her a birthday party, so she goes down to the stream, The Smurf Vexy comes out of the water and grabs Smurfette! She takes her to New York City to Gargamel & Azreal his cat! They stuff her into a building, The Smurfs decide to send Brainy, Grouchy, & Vanity to the City to save her, they come up against Gargamel but find a way to save Smurfette! Thanks for watching!! Please Subscribe!! Music: & "Hitman" & "There is Romance" Kevin MacLeod (

Смурфики Мультик для детей затерянная деревня Песни из мультика Smurfs The Lost Village Tragedy

Мультик для детей Смурфики 2018 затерянная деревня Песни из мультика Smurfs The Lost Village Cаундтрек к мультфильму Смурфики затерянная деревня 2017 Smurfs soundtrack - You Will Always Find Me in Your Heart Смурфетта и её лучшие друзья Умник, Растяпа и Силач, отправляются на поиски таинственной затерянной деревни, стремясь опередить злобного волшебника Гаргамеля. В пути смурфиков ожидают невероятные опасности и головокружительные приключения, но игра стоит свеч, ведь в конечном итоге герои смогут разгадать самую большую загадку в истории своего существования!


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Smurfs Wall Game with Gargamel & The Smurfs Smurfette, Brainy and Clumsy!

Gargamel has trapped the Smurfs Brainy, Clumsy, Hefty and Papa Smurf on top of a wall and if they fall they will fall in Blue Slime! Smurfette challenges Gargamel to the Humpty Dumpy Wall Game! They take turns knocking pieces off the wall to see who will get to keep the Smurfs while Learning Numbers! Smurfette wins, saves all the Smurfs and they put Gargamel on top of his Wall! This 2017 Smurfs Wall Game kids toy video is perfect for children who like Smurfs Toy, Humpty Dumpty's Wall Game, Slime and Learning Numbers! Humpty Dumpty's Wall Game toy videos: - Learn Numbers Educational Toy Videos toy videos: - Slime toy videos: - Smurfs: The Lost Village Toys toy videos: - Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Music licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license ( - A Way For Me by Nicolai Heidlas - Summertime (REDUX) by Nicolai Heidlas * This review video includes additional toys and accessories to enhance gameplay (i.e. surprise eggs, action figures, etc). Please refer to product packaging for exact specification prior to purchase.

The Boss Baby vs The Smurfs Lost Village Slime Game Part 3 - Trolls Movie Ellie Sparkles

Let's play the Smurfs Lost Village Slime Game with the Boss Baby and your Bergens friends from the Dreamworks Trolls Movie. Our favorite smurfs like PapaSmurf and Smurfette are here to open surprise toys, but we just don't want to be slimed by the villains from Beauty and the Beast and Boss Baby. ***Subscribe here*** Check out our other playlists from Trolls Movie, Paw Patrol, Boss Baby, , Frozen and Spiderman: Trolls Movie Playlist with Trolls Toys, Poppy, Branch, DJ Suki and Creek! Disney Moana Movie Playlist Paw Patrol Pup Playlist with Paw Patrol Toys, Bath Soaps Masha and the Bear Playlist Music Used: Upbeat Forever.mp3 by Kevin MacLeod at Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Twitter: Facebook: #EllieSparkles

Just4fun290 presents The Smurfs Micro Village! Gargamel traps Papa Smurf in a cage and tries to get his essence from him. The Smurfs ban together to get Papa Smurf back from Gargamel.
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"High Tension"
"Scheming Weasel -slower"
"Somewhere Sunny"
"Take a chance"

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