RPGalooza Game Review - Final Fantasy 8 (PC)

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#ESA17 Speedruns - Final Fantasy VIII [PSX Disc US Any%] by Chowzter

Final Fantasy VIII PSX Disc US Any%. Chowzter https://www.twitch.tv/chowzter

Top 10 PlayStation 2 RPGs (NO Final Fantasy Games)

There are many top 10 lists out there of best rpgs for the PlayStation 2, but they're all clogged up with the Final Fantasy series, so I wondered, what would a top 10 look like if I eliminated those games from the running? In fact, I pretty much eliminated all but one Square game, so here is the result!

Final Fantasy VIII - Maxing Stats by playing Cards

In this short tutorial, I will show you how easy it is to max your characters' stats by playing Triple Triad. I personally think it is faster than getting max gil, buy items, refine these or devouring creatures. First, you will need the following abilities (learned by your GF): Quezacotl - Card Mod Doomtrain - Forbid Med-RF Eden - GFAbl Med-RF Then, you must have completed the CC Club. That way, you will find all members on the Ragnarok in Disc 4. It is pretty basic: Several player and GF cards can be refined into rare items, which can be refined into stat ups. ====================================== Here is a list of cards you can refine plus the abilities used for it: Ward - 3xGaea's Ring - Forbid Med-RF - 3xHP Up Eden - 3xMonk's Code - Forbid Med-RF - 3xStr Up Minotaur - 10xAdamantine - Forbid Med-RF - 2xVit Up Edea - 3xRoyal Crown - Forbid Med-RF - 10xRoyal Crown = 1xMag Up Rinoa - 3xMagic Armlet - Forbid Med-RF - 10xMagic Armlet = 1xSpr Up Irvine - 3xRocket Engine - Forbid Med-RF - 5xRocket Engine = 1xSpd Up The trick: You can refine GF/Player cards and win them back from CC Club member Diamond, which are the Twins. I recommend refining 1 card ONLY at a time, because that way, the Twins will have only 1 "strong" card. This will result in much less trouble playing against them. :D =====Combination of Selling and Refining===== SamIves85 found out that you can simply refine 1xBahamut Card to get 100xMegalixirs, which can be sould for 750000 Gil (with Haggle, Familiar etc.). Depending on the Stat you want to boost, you can then buy enough items from the Esthar Pet Shop to refine them into Stat Ups. Here's what you get for refining and selling: Bahamut - 100xMegalixir [750000 Gil] - Call Shop - 50xGiant's Ring - GFAbl Med-RF - 5xGaea's Ring - Forbid Med-RF = 5xHP Up Bahamut - 100xMegalixir [750000 Gil] - Call Shop - 50xPower Wrist - GFAbl Med-RF - 5xHyper Wrist 10xHyper Wrist - Forbid Med-RF = 1xStr Up Bahamut - 100xMegalixir [750000 Gil] - Call Shop - 50xHypno Crown - GFAbl Med-RF - 5xRoyal Crown 10xRoyal Crown - Forbid Med-RF = 1xMag Up Bahamut - 100xMegalixir [750000 Gil] - Call Shop - 50xForce Armlet - GFAbl Med-RF - 5xMagic Armlet 10xMagic Armlet - Forbid Med-RF = 1xSpr Up So, as you can see, this is a great method for faster HP and Mag/Spr boosting. Str and Vit are still better improved by refining Eden/Minotaur cards. =====Another neat fact about refining cards===== You can refine items that teach GF abilities, such as Counter, Recover, and Auto-Abilties. Here's what you get for which card: Squall - 3xThree Stars - Teaches GF "Expend3x1" Kiros - 3xAccelerator - Teaches GF "Auto-Haste" 2xMinotaur - 20xAdamantine - GF Abl Med-RF - 1xSteel Curtain, teaches GF "Auto-Protect" Alexander - 3xMoon Curtain - Teaches GF "Auto-Shell" Other cards, like Leviathan, will give you active abilities you can use in battle, though I personally don't do that. You can go on and get every character to use Recover, Revive and Treatment that way. Pretty useful! ==========HINT========= Normally, the Twins will use the "Random" rule out of standard circumstances. This is one of my least favourite rules, and a REALLY annoying one... You can manipulate rules by mixing them. It goes like that: Play with Twins, you get the Random rule. Play with any other member that has a rule you prefer, I did with "Sudden Death". SAVE!!!!!! before going on, this is basically a trial and error thing. Now, go back and challenge the Twins again. They should ask you to mix rules, accept. Don't (!) play, just select "Quit". Here comes the important part, 3 things can happen: 1.: Nothing happens. If that is the case, challenge them again. 2.: They will ACCEPT a rule. If that's the case, soft reset and try again. 3.: They will decide to ABOLISH a rule. You want to abolish the RANDOM rule, so reset and retry until that's the case. This concludes this little tutorial. I prefer this over any other method, because, for example, raising the Speed stat of your characters is a PAIN in the ass otherwise. You would have to kill Cactuars until you have 100 thorns, then refine these into 1 (!) Hundred Needles, which will refine into 1 (!) Spd Up. That's just ridiculous, takes too long and.... TAKES TOO LONG! XD So, I hope this was helpful! PS.: I made some experiments about whether one of both girls prefer using the refined cards or not, since they count as one player. By simply playing with them, there is a ~56% chance that they will use the refined card, changing the girl to challenge will give a SLIGHT improvement of around 14%, so it is percentage reliant if they will use refined cards or not... XD Enjoy!

Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 ,10 & 13 Are Connected!

Hi, today I am going to show you how final fantasy 7, 8, 9 , 10, 10-2 and 13 are possibly connected.

Final Fantasy VIII - All monsters, bosses, GF's and characters in Scan.

Screenshots of every monster, boss, gf and character in Scan.

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