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DIY Hot Wheels Powered by CO2 Cartridge

DIY Hot Wheels Powered by CO2 Cartridge In this video I show you how to make your own extremly fast hot wheels or pinewood derby car from wood powered by CO2 cartridge! Also I show how to make your own track with real loop! Don't forget to like this video and subscribe :) Music: "B-Roll (ska) - Islandesque" Kevin MacLeod. Creative Commons Attribution (

TOP 10 Autos Más Rápidos Del Mundo ( 2018 )

TOP Personas con extraordinarias habilidades: En la vida cotidiana, Existen coches. Pero no como los que veras en este TOP los cuales son los coches que todo amante de juegos de carreras, Desearía tener. Estoy hablando de los "COCHES MAS RÁPIDOS DEL MUNDO". PAGINA DE FACEBOOK: Dale pulgar arriba si te gusto el vídeo. Suscribete para mas contenido de calidad.


Next on The open hobby HOTWHEELS BASE CODES EXPLAINED 2016 HOTWHEELS REVIEWS PLAY LIST 2016 HOTWHEELS BMW COMPLETE SET OF 8 CARS 2016 HOTWHEELS CHOCOLATE KINDER SURPRISE EGGS 8 EGGG UNBOXING HOTWHEELS DEMOLITION DERBY 5 CAR PACK OFF ROAD SERIES 2016 HOTWHEELS G CASE UNBOXING WORLD WIDE CASE 2016 HOTWHEELS TRIPLE REVIEW PLAY LIST HOTWHEELS TRACK SET SUPER LAUNCH SPEED TRACK PISTA HOTWHEELS HOTWHEELS MARVEL ULTIMATE SPIDER MAN DOC OCK KNOCK DOWN PLAY SET HOTWHEELS MONSTER JAM DRAGON CHALLENGE SET 12 HOTWHEELS COLOR SHIFTERS CARS 2015 KINDER SURPRISE CHOCOLATE EGGS PLAYLIST 2014 HOTWHEELS FLAME FIGHTERS COLOR SHIFTER TRACK SET 11 COLOR SHIFTERS FROM HOTWHEELS HOTWHEELS T REX TAKE DOWN TRACK SET 2014 MONSTER JAM COLOR SHIFTERS REVIEW 2014 COLOR SHIFTERS HOTWHEELS TRACK SHARK PORT SHOWDOWN COMPLETE CHANNEL PLAYLISTS Thanks for watching ! Other cool toy brands in stores: Pocoyo, Hotwheels, Matchabox, Barbie, Play-doh, Imaginext, Fisher-price, Lego, Star wars, Mega blocks, Squinkies, Trash packs, My little pony, Transformers, Sesame street, Thomas the train, Dora the exp[lorer, Sponge bob Square pants, Disney toys, Disney cars, Disney planes, Disney Monsters inc, Littlest Pet Shop, Mattel , Hasbro, Kre-o and many more! Hot Wheels is a brand of 1:64 scale die-cast toy car introduced by American toy maker Mattel in 1968. It is one of the most famous toy car makers out there today. It was the primary competitor of Matchbox until 1997 when Mattel bought Tyco Toys, then-owner of Matchbox. Many automobile manufacturers have licensed Hot Wheels to make scale models of their cars, allowing the use of original design blueprints. Although Hot Wheels were originally intended for children, they have become popular with adult collectors, for whom limited edition models are now made available.

Hot Wheels Road Trip

Read my new book! Pinball Marble Run Ride along on the Hot Wheels car as it travels through 8 different track sections all connected by teleporting tunnels. From the backyard to the big hill to the pool and back, this track’s got it all. Each section worked on its own from tunnel to tunnel. The cart is powered entirely by gravity at all times. In total there are 11 cuts in the video, 7 between locations and 4 for slow motion footage. The jump section and the loop section were filmed twice, once in 30 fps and again in 120 fps, and the final video cuts from the normal speed footage to the slow motion footage for the duration of both the jump and the loop. The cart worked reasonably well underwater and only fell off the pool track a few times. The main problem with the pool track was keeping the track connected and in place. A rock was attached to the end of the track in order to weigh it down. In total about 200 feet of track was used, nearly all of which is present in the 4th section. Filmed with a GoPro Hero4 Session mounted on a modified 2014 Pharadox car. Filmed in California and Colorado. SPECIAL THANKS Anneliese Brincks, Ben Hunter, Mark Carlson, Matthew Carlson, and the residents of The Booge Check out Ben Hunter’s channel 33 Years Productions Music “Jog” by EMCEE. Made on iPhone with the Auxy app. The song is only available in this video but check out his other work here Credits Music "Overlook Preview" by EMCEE. Check out his other work Camera car modified by Cameron Boyce and Jesse Velez. Find more of their work at their Facebook page or their YouTube channel Official Selection of the 2016 5Point Film Festival in Bellingham, WA. PLAYLISTS Marble Runs: Lego Roller Coasters: Knex Roller Coasters: Stop Motion Animations: Hot Wheels: SOCIAL MEDIA Website: Facebook: Twitter: Our Channel: 2016 - 5 Mad Movie Makers


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