Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Full Gameplay

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Hot Wheels World Adventure Sampler CD-ROM gameplay

Hot Wheels World Adventure, made in the same game engine as Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver as a promo for Hot Wheels play-sets, the Wheels Stunt Track Driver game and Demo came on a CD-ROM with The 2002 Planet Hot Wheels Energy Series of cars

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver promo 1998

this is an old promotional video i found on my old Windows 95 the other day for Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver, a game i actually still have a copy of. I loved this game dearly as a child and spent many hours playing it, I'm uploading this for the nostalgia. enjoy :D

Stunt Track Driver - Episode 1

Old game, with a whole new character in 2017. I sincerely hope you enjoy the video, now that I have fixed the whole thing with the recording indicator

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver: Tournament Mode

This is basically an attempt at redoing what I tried previously, though I stopped fooling around and stuck to two cars (Speed Blaster for the start, Way 2 Fast after that). That was because I wanted to do it like I was just starting. There's little more to say about these levels, just sit back and watch how I beat most of this game in about 10 minutes. The ending isn't anything special and it dumps you back at the start. Also notable is that the credits theme is tacked onto the secret track theme. BTW, how the hell does this have 1 million views? Comments are now disabled because I kept getting notifications for blank comments and obvious YT bots. I'm done with that. Why this video is so popular I don't know.

Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver (PC)

old hot wheels pc game released in 1998 i think... secret level : my epic stunt at 1:34 , 6:56, 8:54

on 1998 PC games windows 98. One hit wonder GAMEPLAY. I finish this game only a day. I completely forget how to play this game. but don't worry i'm still good with this game. Kids nowdays didn't know this game.

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