Gotway Acm test drive

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Gotway models 10 meter speed test

Luffy, MCM4, Mten, ACM, Msuper, and Tesla all tested at 10 meters. This is not a definitive test because Josh has a lot of time on ACM's and Msuper's and not much at all on Mten's and Tesla's. Just a taste of what they handle like. Also a taste of what happens if you lean to far for to long! After we have some more time on them we will have a more accurate assessment. Right now we believe it will be the Mten at 5 meters and the Tesla at 20?


The new Gotway Msuper v3s+ review And fall... Please read the bio under. You can goto 1.50 if you dont have the time. Gotway acm 16" Electric unicycle. 80% alarm - 35/36 kmh on flat road- Motherboard, 6 mosfets. Total loss of power at 45 kmh. GPS speed. My weight with gear - 63-65 kg _______________ Gear: Cross helmet. MC jacket with protection for shoulder, back, elbow and kidney. Kris holm Knee and leg protection. Leather gloves. Skateshoes. _______________ Damages: Front and back cover pushed in due to high impact force. Threads for 3 screws broke and the shell split in the middle. Deep scrathes and a bent pedal. "custom pedals" The unit still works just fine. ______________ Camera used. Sony rx 100M2 DJI phantom 3 pro --- Edited in adobe premiere cc --- Learn more about me here. Join my 1k members FB group.

Gotway ACM2 Motor Sounds

I love the sound of this new AMC2 motor. It has a great pulsating sound of power :-) These are all of the items used in my pursuit of fun on EUCs. I own all of these and use them. My Wheels: I own a Mten3, KS14S, ACM2, Tesla, MSuper, and Monster. I buy most of my wheels from EWheels. Why? Because of their selection, price, and perhaps most importantly, Jason's dedication to customer satisfaction and his ongoing support of the community. If the website doesn't list what you are looking for, give them a call. Use this link which lets them know that I've referred you: If you are in Europe I highly recommend I have purchased wheels and parts from Ian and have always been happy with his customer service, prices, and joy of life :-) My Safety Gear: My Full Face Helmet: My Skate Helmet (I have the Large size): Helmet mirror: These knee and elbow pads have lasted forever: What I think are the best wrist guards made: Triple 8 Knee Pads: Triple 8 Wristsaver II Wrist Guards (used for shorter rides): Maintenance: Valve Extenders: Metal Valve Core Remover: Slime Tube Sealant, used on all my wheels: What I use to fill my tires when riding: What I use to fill all of my tires at home, including the MSuper V3: Riding Gear: Fantastic Bluetooth speaker - Velcro it on to your handle: Most of my ride supplies are carried in this bag as I'm out on a ride: Pebble Watch: Video/Photographic Gear: My favorite ultra-portable tripod for the phone: My HD Camera: My 4k Camera: The tripod that I use as my selfie-stick and all fly-by shots: Video Editing: I've been using this video editing software for years:

Gotway acm UNBOXING!!

Wheeling is my passion; you can purchase all the models seen in my videos here and I will receive a small kickback ---- A LOOK AT THE GOTWAY ACM AND A QUICK RIDE MANY MORE VIDEOS TO COME MY DOODS!!

Gotway Monster Seat - First Ride

Gotway Monster Seat $75 There is an adjustment of about a week getting used to riding sitting down. After that, you’ll really appreciate the seat giving your feet a break on long rides. Another advantage of sitting down is there is less the wind resistance so you get more miles per charge or if you like, go a little bit faster (not recommended)

got my new Gopro Hero 5 and testing it with my gotway acm

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