Gotway Acm test drive

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Chasing some Gotway's

Trying to catch a couple of Gotway wheels :-)


a ride around on the gotway acm 820, this unit was impounded by the police for a while, glad to have it back my favorite stunt wheel!

Gotway Tesla ride in Barcelona

Gotway Msuper v3s+ 1600Wh - Review and distance test

The distance test here: High Res Photos i\of the electronics: This is the 2nd time i edit this video as my first attempt resulted in problems and files getting deleted... well.. Im no longer capable to seeing if this video is helpful, good or bad, but im uploading it anyways in the hope that it will help YOU, yes You, to make up your mind. I have to take some time off now from making videos now to relax and come up with something new and interesting. I have no doubs that this video would be worth the watch if you currently hate all the klickbate shit that you see on youtube. Let me know. If you still havent, the facebook group is actually a chill place to hang out. Helpfull and nice people only. Im making sure of that as im the admin. :)... good night my fellow subscriber. Have a nice one! Join the Facebook group! The type of Music i use is called: Vaporwave / Future Funk

Gotway ACM - Need 4 Speed Edition

THE HARTLIP RUN!! (720p for best quality ~ Reupload). Point A to B aggressive EUC sprint at high-speed through Hartlip. vSHOW MOREv Model: 1300wh/84v/12 Mosfet The Wheel: I am very impressed with the 84volt version ACM, what a freakin' Beast of a machine. I just had this returned after a cable modification. This wheel sure has some grunt to it; sticks and holds to the road very well, has a good deal amount of torque, also fast, without pushing the extra 10kmh threshold from the second warning alarm. Awesome! The ACM is a great choice for commuting, recreation, or enthusiasts who're considering it their next wheel. This is no beginner/entry level wheel by any means. I'd highly recommend to new users - practice with a generic euc or the Ninebot series. Alarms: (1st & 2nd) Open Tiltback: Disabled Mode: Sports Battery Status: 90% (from start). High End Speeds anything below 70% NOT RECOMMENDED!! Weight: 70kg Video & Route Summary: In this feature I didn't get to push the ACM to it's full potential - much as I'd liked. There was no trail riding, it mainly road use. There was deceleration on few segments to evade key hazards. I had to be aware of; oncoming cars on blind turns, potholes, especially some broken glass I saw on route, which I spotted back on a previous run. Protective Gear: Cycle Helmet, Gloves, (Knee & Elbow Pads were worn under garments) during filming. WARNING AND SAFETY: NOVICE/INEXPERIENCED RIDERS - PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DUPLICATE ANY OF THE CONTENT DISPLAYED IN THIS VIDEO, DOING SO COULD RESULT IN MOTOR CUTOFF AND SERIOUS INJURY! ROAD SURFACES MAY DIFFER, E.G - DIPS, GROOVES, GRAVEL, POTHOLES, MIXED ASPHALT, ECT. RIDERS EXPERIENCE AND BALANCE CAN DETERMINE WHETHER YOU TRAVERSE ACROSS ALL SURFACE TERRAIN SAFELY, WITH CONTROL, AT HIGH SPEED. USE APPROPRIATE CAUTION WHEN RIDING. BE CAREFUL TO AVOID PEDESTRIANS AND VEHICLES. ALWAYS RESPECT THE RIGHTS AND PRIVATE PROPERTY OF OTHERS. ***I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT/MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO***

got my new Gopro Hero 5 and testing it with my gotway acm

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