The Night Journey Review [PS4 & PC]

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THE NIGHT JOURNEY - WHAT DID I GET INTO?!? Gameplay Walkthrough PART 1. Uhhhhh, what did I get myself into?! This game truly searches the mind to make all the imagery come together and define a story still blurry. It's got my attention big time! Come check it out and tell me what you think! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more updates and uploads! Thanks for the support everyone! The Night Journey (2007-2018) was one of the first experimental art games ever made. It uses both game and video techniques to tell the universal story of an individual’s journey towards enlightenment. The game begins in the center of a mysterious landscape on which darkness is falling. There is no one path to take, no single goal to achieve, but the player’s actions will reflect on themselves and the world, transforming and changing them both. If they are able, they may slow down time itself and forestall the fall of darkness. If not, there is always another chance; the darkness will bring dreams that enlighten future journeys. The interactive design of The Night Journey evokes a sense of the archetypal journey of enlightenment through the mechanics of the game experience – i.e. the choices and actions of the player during the game. The game design explores a challenging question: what is the game mechanic of enlightenment? How can we model such an intensely personal yet archetypal experience in a game? Courtesy of The Night Journey Team

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The Night Journey Review
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