WATCH DOGS 3 Trailer (2018) [unofficial / fanmade]

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Watch Dogs 2 - أشياء لازم تعرفها

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Watch Dogs - Fan Film

Like it, Share it and Subscribe to help us make more videos! (Director's note - Remember seeing that first gameplay video for Watch_Dogs, like a year ago? Not only was I drawn in by the characters and the mood, but the overall theme of everything being "connected", it's not too unrealistic for someone to have complete control in the palm of your hand. All of that gave us the itch to bring it to life and apparently many other fans felt the same way. Who would have thought there would be such a large number of fan films circulating, months before the game has been released. Crazy, I think Ubisoft is on to something. The best part about bringing Aiden to life was our opportunity to collaborate with Matthew Sumner (The man behind the mustache with Beat Down Boogie). Matthew and Annie Tee brought some extra flavor to our work, along with a killer original soundtrack from Tatenda Zvarayi, we hope to collaborate with more talented people in the future. ) STAY UPDATED BY SUBSCRIBING AND VISITING HERE: Director/Editor/VFX: Brian Curtin - Aiden Pearce: Matthew Sumner - Hacker Girl: Annie "Sweet" Tee - Main Thug: Ben Moon Security Guard: Mat Powell Thugs: Matt Hall, Walt Thomas, Adam Edwards Music by: Tatenda Zvarayi - SFX/ Audio Mix: Micah Tanner Intro/Outro Track: Pandemic by Tony Anderson (Music Bed Licensing)

How to get a girl in watch dogs 2

Watch Dogs 3 Trailer (2018)

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